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[Release] Advanced Setting Setter - Karnagious - 2015-08-02

This addon allows you to edit your advancedsettings.xml from with Kodi.

You can easily browse through the settings, toggling the ones you want on or off, as well as changing the settings themselves (obviously). The addon reads your existing advancedsettings.xml, and populates the GUI with that information. Items that are in your advancedsettings.xml but aren't covered in this addon will remain in place after editing. (Although commented out sections will be lost.)

The addon also provides a very simple to use way to enter your MySQL information.

The structure of the addon makes it very easy to add new settings, there is a description in the default.py explaining how to do it. Pull requests are welcomed.

Yes, there is another addon like this out there, and its good, but I prefer a simply toggle system, rather than building the xml wholesale.

This addon is only available via github, and will never be in the official Kodi repo. Team Kodi dont want to make it too easy for people to edit their advancedsettings.xml and possibly screw things up. At least, that seems to be why the other advancedsettings.xml editor was rejected from the official repo.

Source: https://github.com/KODeKarnage/script.advancedsettingsetter

RE: [Release] Advanced Setting Setter - Rouzax - 2015-08-11

Will give it a try, thanks for this.

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