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Subchannel Selection Defaults To First Channel - vindicator - 2015-08-03

On occasion (now for example) I'll find that when kodi starts acting weird and I try to change the channel, the primary/first subchannel in that group gets selected.

For example, the tv tried buffering (and the cpu load went up a lot as a result), so I tried to change the channel from 9.1 to 28.1. When that worked, I went back to 9.1 and it was buffering again, so I tried it's subchannel 9.2 and saw no change and 9.1 was still selected, so I tried 7.3 and 7.1 was selected instead.

RE: Subchannel Selection Defaults To First Channel - sblack55 - 2015-08-05

I too have seen this behavior, without regard to buffering or any other anomalies. I've also seen it happen in reverse.

* Sometimes I can select any given channel/subchannel and the selected channel will be tuned normally.
* Other times when I select any subchannel other than x.1 then x.1 is the one that gets tuned in. I must then use channel up to get to the intended subchannel.
* And sometimes when I select x.y where y is lower than the last subchannel, then x.max is selected.

The first two behaviors have been observed since my first installation of TVH with Kodi 14.0. The third has just started with Kodi 15.0 and new TVH addon.

RE: Subchannel Selection Defaults To First Channel - sblack55 - 2015-08-13

Just realized something else about this behavior:

When a channel is playing and I go to Channels or Guide and select another channel, either the first or last channel will be selected, regardless of my choice. But if I first stop the playing channel, then the channel I picked will be selected.

EDIT: Moreover, when a channel is already playing, the new channel will be displayed in the preview window, but will not go fullscreen until I navigate to it and press it again. If no channel is playing then the selected channel will immediately show fullscreen, as it should according to my settings.

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