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Enable transcoding in client - Ballistic - 2015-08-10

Hi All,

I have transcoding working on the headend. Now i am trying to enable it on the frontend.
By default, the pvr addons grabs the HTSP stream link. I want to to get the transcoded link.

It seems that this can be configured in TV -> Client Specific Settings but that menu option does not work.
I found this: http://blog.asiantuntijakaveri.fi/2013/12/xbmc-123-tvheadend-pvr-addon-unable-to.html
But it did not solve my issue.

Is there any other way to tell the client to get the transcoded version of the channel?

RE: Enable transcoding in client - kaiseruk - 2015-08-10

Try changing the streaming profile for the user that the tvheadend client uses, you do this in the access entries tab in tvheadend web interface.

RE: Enable transcoding in client - Ballistic - 2015-08-11

Sometimes it can be that easy. Thank you very much!

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