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XBMCScripts.com Audit: Help me out :) - SleepyP - 2006-12-13 03:01

XBMCScripts.com is run by a few people who do it for free as a service to the community so considering that they do a freaking amazing job. That said, the script library has become somewhat overgrown and needs auditing and cleanup. Thats a BIG job, but if a few interested parties help out it should be very do-able.

My goal: to have each and every script which is on the site and accessible via the XBMCScripts installer script be the latest copy of the script that works correctly. This means weeding out scripts that for whatever reason no longer function properly or are outdated.
Scripts tested so far:
-xNHL 1.001: installs just fine, works fine, missing a script icon (I will make one today Big Grin)
-Bowser: Runs and stops, no error messages at all, just seems to not work at all, no icon.
-PBS Frontline: the nice menu system still works, can retrieve show descriptions but the media links no longer work at all Sad, no Icon.
-XBMCSkins: Totally non-functional, no way to exit script once you run it.
-www.TV.com: Causes lockups and returns garbage search results...
-xMovieGuide: does not work at all.
-XBMCLyrics: no icon, needs a bit more error protection (already posted about this today)
-ShadowServer: does not install properly via script, requires hand editing of a text config for it to work correctly, no icon. (Blittan has already been notified about this one)

All the tests were done on an SVN build from yesterday, with the latest Python libs installed.

- BigBellyBilly - 2006-12-13 11:31

Are you referring tomy TV.com or one of the others ?
I've tried mine and the Browse SHows seems fine, there are a few problems caused by site changes that I will sort out thou.
I also needs changing to comply with the new stds (ie default.py etc)


- Big_Whoopin - 2006-12-13 15:44

It may be possible to pull WRT Kiad Commander as from what I've read this is the base used for Kaid Control Pad. KCP still works with DD-WRT v23 but is broken with v23 SP1 and above. There may be a few layers to the problem, I've got a thread in this forum regarding what might be able to be changed from the script side (still well beyond my skills) and I've got a ticket open in the DD-WRT bugtracker with details on what changes they made which appear to have broken the script. I've got the available router hardware and Kai account, I'll see if I can get the non-DD-WRT firmwares tested for continuing compatibility in the next couple days. It does use default.py and includes an icon. An update is also needed in the process used to check the team xlink website for the current kaid download, the URLs that are encoded in the script are outdated. Having this script at 100% would be of great value to me. I've put a good lump of time into identifying some problems and possible solutions but I need help with getting these changes into the script. Overall rating: usable but wounded.

I can test out WRT Kaid Commander as well if needed. Should I bother or should this be removed from the list, retired as superseded by KCP?

Time permitting I'll look through the other scripts to see what I can test out. I use Vonage at home so I can try and check on the different caller ID scripts that are available.


- SleepyP - 2006-12-13 22:19

that would help me a lot cuz I have no land line or VOIP service right now, just cell, so I am unable to properly test the Caller ID stuff and there's like 4 scripts for that in the "Communications" section. It sounds like the WRT Kaid Commander script is indeed obsolete. I can't test because I have a newer LinkSys that can only run the Micro version of D-WRT Sad I guess its better than nothin'. I am gonna try and get some work done on the Communication section today, I have already finished off the "Latest Additions" section, with one dead script (Bowser) found and like 5 icons contributed.

- SleepyP - 2006-12-13 23:25

looks like the following scripts are yours Big Grin
A CallerID application & script (06/27)
CallerID (05/10)
CallerID-2005-12-05 (12/04)
CallerIDLite v1.1 (07/20)
Kaid Control Panel (08/04)
WrtKaidCommander (04/25)

The other three left in the Communication section are as follows:
Shadow Server (07/22): I have already talked to Blittan about this one, and today I e-mailed the author too.

ShutdownPConLAN (03/31): This one is RARed so it cannot be installed using the installer script. Also, it comes with a nested RAR containing a PC application you must install. Finally, the script is not named default.py, and has no icon.

XBMCMail (03/28): Installs OK, requires PC to manually edit the py file, no icon. There's a text display issue, and I can't get it to work with the test account I set up, so I dunno how functional this one is. Can someone else confirm that it works?

- EnderW - 2006-12-13 23:45

Great initiative, sadly I got my hands full of exams at the moment. Blittan seems to have some time on his hands nowdays though, and he has just updated all script files with new structure and renamed files to default.py. Broken scripts could however be marked and perhaps moved to a broken category (we can mark the description with what category it was in previously). Then people (or we) can update the scripts from the broken category and move them back into the normal ones...it's just a huge job, so it's nice that you guys help out Smile

- BigBellyBilly - 2006-12-14 00:13

EnderW. thats an excellent idea.

- Big_Whoopin - 2006-12-14 00:22

SleepyP Wrote:looks like the following scripts are yours Big Grin
Joy! I'll see what I can bust through and report back. I'll provide feedback as I complete testing on each individual package rather than collecting all the data and firing off one bulk report.

BTW, if you wanted to update that Linksys you have to something that supports more than the micro, now would be a good time to do so. Buy.com has the Linksys WRT54GL (4MB flash, 16MB RAM) for about $37 after immediate Google Checkout discount and Linksys $10 mail in rebate. Rebate is good for up to 2 units. Other DD-WRT (and similar) compatible units that are available without rebates are the Buffalo WHR-G54S ($35 w/GC disc., 4MB/16MB I think) router and Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 ($42 w/GC disc., memory unknown) high-power wireless router. Hot deals, might be a good time to upgrade!


- Big_Whoopin - 2006-12-14 00:24

Oh yeah, I like EnderW's suggestion too. Especially since I can find problems but can't necessarily fix them. Smile


- SleepyP - 2006-12-14 01:40

I agree about the "broken" section. Also I think there needs to be a way to hide scripts from the installer script because there are several that are beyond its capablities, like the ones that require installation of Firefox extensions and whatnot.

anyways, I finished auditing the Other section. Things marked 100% are working and have an icon:
AusBomRadar (Broken): Just as it says, this script does not work and is obsolete.
AustWeather: No icon
AutoStartManager 1.6: 100%
Azureus-controller 1.0: 100%
DailyMotion Firefox Remote Control: requires installation and config of stuff on the PC to use, so cannot be installed correctly via script. No Icon
DisplayAdjust 1.0: No Icon
DVDProfiler 1.1: 100%
eMule Control Panel: extremely puzzling to me, this script causes the installer script to lockup on the "Installation" step every single time. In addition to that, it seems to render the XBMC installer script corrupt in some way Sad
Football 1.1 100%
GameSaveMan: Completely obsolete.
GSM - Game Save Manager 1.5: 100%
Home Control 1.8: installs OK, but cannot test properly. No Icon
ICQ onlinecheck: No Icon
kino.de .7 (german): No icon
MyCalendar 1.4: No Icon
NotePad: No Icon
PokerTimer: 100%
SageTV: No Icon, cannot 100% test.
Snake 1.1: 100%
Submenu Editor 1.2d unofficial: 100%
Sudoku 1.0: 100%
Themequiz 1.1: Broken, no icon.
Timeout: Gonna do an icon tweak
TorrentBrowser3: No icon
torrentX .5: broken & obsolete
Trains 1.2: Gonna do an icon tweak
Tweaked_WON: 100%
WakeOnLAN: seems to have been replaced by the tweaked version, will not run except to try and update itself, no icon.
XBMC Skins: Broken, no icon.
******** Torrent Browser: no icon
XMovieGuide: Broken, no icon.
XRadar: Broken, no icon.
XSPEditor 1.0: 100%
XSportScores 1.0: no icon
xStocks 2.4: broken, no icon

- Big_Whoopin - 2006-12-14 03:53

SleepyP Wrote:PokerTimer: 100%
Is this PokerTimer II? If not wouldn't PokerTimer II replace it?


- SleepyP - 2006-12-14 05:14

It would, but PTII is not on the site yet for some reason. Weird.

- Livin - 2006-12-14 06:34

My scripts are...
DisplayAdjust 1.0: No Icon
Home Control 1.8: installs OK, but cannot test properly. No Icon

These both work fine. Home Control requires Homeseer software, thus no way for anyone that does not have it to test.

I can try to create some icons for them. How can I get the icons to you to insert into the packages?

Also, I will post a few test results once I get home for the scripts I use often. I already changed all of them to be default.py.

Thanks for heading the audit, it is needed.

- blittan - 2006-12-14 09:27

Poker Timer II isn't displayed since it generates an error and is broken.

'windowOverlay' object has no attribute 'padSize'

- SleepyP - 2006-12-14 12:29

heh I hope you don't mind but I already made the 13 missing icons and sent them over to Blittan already, which include yours. Grabbed the HomeSeer logo off the web and just did my usual Photoshopping to make it the right size and with transparency. For the Display Adjust I found a cartoony/icony-looking picture of a TV set. like a smart guy I didn't keep the files after I e-mailed them out, so I can't post em here for your perusal Sad

You'll want to direct your communications to Blittan since he's the guy who manages the scripts on the site, I am just a guy with too much free time who is helpin out Smile