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RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-02-12

Done. Thank you for your understanding of the English rules here.

RE: Change Username - scarface_one - 2018-03-16

Can you please change my username to "scarface_one"?


RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-03-16


RE: Change Username - S8C blog - 2018-03-21

Can you please change my username to "S8C blog" please?

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-03-21


[split] Please close my account - nazarux - 2018-04-06

Sorry asking for that. I've just registred but, by mistake, I wrote the e-mail address instead of my name, exposing it to everyone. Can you please fix that, replacing the name "nazarux@xxxxxx" with just the name ("nazarux"). Or at least remove my account and e-mail so i can register again correctly.
Once again, I'm sorry.
Thanks in advanced.

RE: Please close my account - nickr - 2018-04-06

done. and email address deleted from your post Smile

welcome to the forums.

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2018-04-06

moved to username changes...

RE: Change Username - Johnps30 - 2018-04-06

Can you please change my user name to Johnps30


RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-04-06

(2018-04-06, 22:13)[email protected] Wrote: Can you please change my user name to Johnps30


That username already exists with the same email address. I'll close that and rename this one too it.

Change Username - HolgerKuehn - 2018-05-13

Hi folks,

I'm still experiencing this issue 325878 (thread), and was thinking if it may occur due to the special charcters used in the username (space and ΓΌ).

Can you change my username to HolgerKuehn ? I'll try access the bugtracker than again.

On one different note:
I've been donating via SEPA since 1st september 2017, starting with the minimum amount for donator status. On the donation-site (https://kodi.tv/donate-wire-transfer) you're stateing to contact via mail, one the minimum amout is reached, but do not list an address on the contact site either (https://kodi.tv/contact-kodi-team). Maybe you can change this to a forum link that should be adressed for it.


RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2018-05-13



Regarding the donations, I don't see you as part of the Donators group. If you have made the minimum donation send me a PM with details of the payment and I will pass onto @DarrenHill or @ronie

Hopefully @ronie can fix the email issue also. Smile

RE: Change Username - HolgerKuehn - 2018-05-13

Hi folks,

thanks or changing; I'll test the bug tracker shortly and note it in the appropriate thread.

PM is sent.


RE: Change Username - something alike - 2018-05-24


Could you pls change my username too? Make it robusrkodi or something alike.



RE: Change Username - ronie - 2018-05-24

usernames including our brandname are prohibited, so i've picked your second option.

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