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RE: Change Username - something alike - 2018-05-24


RE: Change Username - antuser20antcj - 2018-05-27

Hi  new member . I had issues with registering, username and or password not accepted yet  Im told they are in use. Ive had to register via  a throwaway email,  which redirects to my normal address.
If a mod could contact me would be appreciated.

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-05-27

What username are you assuming to use?

If someone else has it already then of course you'll have to choose another...

RE: Change Username - antuser20antcj - 2018-05-27

Hi thanks for the reply,  Ok what happened was "finger" trouble at reg time.
The username i used was accepted originally, but  then further on went it all went to custard.
So, the username is of no consequence i can get another.
Its the email  that’s now an issue. I’m unable to use my proper email here, and have had to resort to one via spamgourmet

The username i tried was  antman59. 
I don’t want to place my email here for obvious reasons, which is why i need someone to pm me from which point i can hand my proper email over as well,and then you guys will see  both are one and the same person. ie me
I know what caused all this, middle copy button on mouse. (linux mint) I sometimes forget ...

Sorry to be a bother.

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2018-05-28


Even if we PM you, you will be unable to reply as you are still a junior member and won't have permissions to PM.

Instead, type your email into a post here, then once you post it, immediately edit your post and remove the email address and save. The moderators will still be able to see the edit. Yes, your email address will be visible for the few seconds while you edit it out again, but the chances are quite slim that someone will see your post in that exact few seconds.

RE: Change Username - antuser20antcj - 2018-05-28

Ok  no problems

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2018-05-28

Ok thanks. You are registered as antcj with that email address. Your registration was back in 2015. If you have forgotten your password, then just use the "lost password" option.

Let us know when you have logged in using your original account, so we can remove the new antuser20antcj account.

If you still want to change the username, make another request here using the original login account.

RE: Change Username - antuser20antcj - 2018-05-28

Ok all good, many thanks.
You can dump this one now, ill go back to the old account.

Thanks again

RE: Change Username - puenktchen - 2018-08-06

As trac.kodi.tv doesn't let me login anymore, although it was working in the past,
can an admin please change my account name to puenktchen

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2018-08-06


Username changed.

RE: Change Username - puenktchen - 2018-08-06

(2018-08-06, 00:56)Karellen Wrote: @puenktchen

Username changed.
 Thank you!

RE: Change Username - prynn - 2018-08-19

hello, can I have my username changed to prynn? 


RE: Change Username - ronie - 2018-08-19


RE: Change Username - seooscar - 2018-09-16

May I get username changed from seoscar to seooscar? thanks

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2018-09-16


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