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RE: Change Username - FyBebfOljmte - 2018-10-07

Please change my username to FyBebfOljmte

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2018-10-07



RE: Change Username - DjSpike2k8 - 2018-10-28

Hey can my username be changed to KryptoArrow Please.

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-10-28

No, as that still links to your website (which itself violates our piracy policy (wiki) so references to it are not allowed) and is also linked to an add-on of the same name.

The forum rules (wiki) and the piracy policy (wiki) apply to all aspects here, including user names and website associations/links.

RE: Change Username - DjSpike2k8 - 2018-10-30

@DarrenHill DjSpike2k8 Smile

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-10-30

That's fine thanks - done

RE: Change Username - kthomson50 - 2018-11-01

Ayyeo, name change request to KodiThomson50
It's first and last name

The account sign-up blocked anything containing kodi.  Thank you in advance Smile

I'm available on the following forums as such: 
opensubtitles.org kodithomson50
fanart.tv kodithomson50
imdb.com kodithomson50
themoviedb.org kodithomson50
musicbrainz.org kodithomson50
theaudiodb.com kodithomson50
omdbapi.com kodithomson50
trakt.tv kodithomson50
google kodithomson50
kodi forums kthomson50

RE: Change Username - Kib - 2018-11-01

^^ duplicate post removed by request of poster

@kthomson50 We will have to discuss your request, although you do seem to have a name right to the usage of "Kodi".

RE: Change Username - kthomson50 - 2018-11-01

@Kib Thank you for looking into it, take your time, its not super important, just makes remembering usernames easier, but if it risks newcomers presuming I'm some relic in the community then I'd rather avoid said situation if at all possible.  We could try it for a while, and if it does start to happen then I could request a changeout in the future.

RE: Change Username - Rantanplan-1 - 2018-11-23

neverminde, guess keep my old Name for Now

RE: Change Username - racesmore - 2018-11-24

Im guessing this is the place to ask to change my User ID, sorry, i made a typo entering my details, my username should be:

Thank you Smile

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2018-11-24


RE: Change Username - MP.STREAM - 2018-12-02

Can I change my username to MP.STREAM?

RE: Change Username - beatmasterrs - 2018-12-02

Can you please change my username to "beatmasterrs"?

thx Smile

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2018-12-02

both done.

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