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RE: Change Username - runswithascript - 2019-04-09

Mine was never changed, please change it to runswithascript.

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2019-04-09

@teki4u Done

@runswithascript Done

RE: Change Username - SirMaple - 2019-04-28

Could I request mine be changed from JohnYYC to SirMaple?

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2019-04-28


RE: Change Username - SirMaple - 2019-04-28

(2019-04-28, 19:57)ronie Wrote: done

Much appreciated! Smile

RE: Change Username - Oshan Ruiz - 2019-05-04

May I change my username to Oshan Ruiz

Thank you

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2019-05-04


RE: Change Username - cali69 - 2019-05-17

I wanted to use the username stax76 but it was already taken and I don't remember if it was me. My current e-mail address is


old or alternative addresses are:


I'm the author of staxrip and mpv.net and think it makes sense to use the same username here like I use in other media related forums.

Kodi seem to be hard to use like mpv, I will need community help.

mod edit - email addresses removed from public display.

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2019-05-17

It was set up to use the yahoo.de address.

I've changed that to the gmail one, so you should now be able to use the forgotten password function at log-in to regain your password and access to the account.

Once you've done that let us know in this thread and we can close down the cali69 account.

RE: Change Username - stax76 - 2019-05-17

california 1969 can be deleted, great support, thanks!

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2019-05-17

You're welcome - the other account is now closed.

I've also removed your email addresses from the above post, as it's not the kind of thing to be on public display.

RE: Change Username - bhse76 - 2019-05-30

Can you change my username to bhse76

RE: Change Username - Karellen - 2019-05-30


RE: Change Username - VORTICE - 2019-05-31

Can you please change my username to SMS

RE: Change Username - DarrenHill - 2019-05-31

(2019-05-31, 05:12)JC361082JC Wrote: Can you please change my username to SMS

User names have to be between 4 and 20 characters, so that one cannot be done.

And before you ask, the more full version (from your email address) would not be acceptable here either.

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