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Change User Name Request - mellomade - 2015-07-20


I tried to piggyback on another thread about this but that was probably a bad idea.

Any chance I get my user name changed to 'mellomade'?


RE: Change User Name Request - ronie - 2015-07-20


RE: Change User Name Request - mellomade - 2015-07-20

Great. Thank you ronie!

Request for username change - ManiacB - 2015-08-04

Hi, would it be possible to change my forum username to "ManiacB" please?

I created this account some time ago and the above is the handle I go by everywhere else these days.

RE: Request for username change - ronie - 2015-08-04


RE: Change Username - levi.baker88 - 2015-08-04

Would it be worthwhile making this into a sticky thread? It'll save new threads from being started for something that's already available?

If a Name Change thread hasn't been stickied due to workload? I personally wouldn't care doing it myself if given the rights.

RE: Change Username - Kib - 2015-08-04

Please don't sticky stuff like this.
Stickied posts are for important announcements. I don't care at all if people open a seperate thread for name change issues.

RE: Change Username - levi.baker88 - 2015-08-05

A username change request could be deemed as an important "thing" for a Website and Forum Issues or Suggestions thread, considering a username is a rather integral part of a forum. My 2c, not bothered either way, just making a suggestion.

RE: Change Username - Ned Scott - 2015-08-05

We can put together a forum post or a wiki page that explains how to do various things on the forum, including name change requests, and then sticky that. Stuff that isn't really "rules" but more like "how-to". That way it won't clutter up the sticky post area with one post just for name changes, another for another topic, etc.

Change Username - DennisTA - 2015-08-29

Please Change my Username from:





RE: Change Username - ronie - 2015-08-31


RE: Change Username - DennisTA - 2015-08-31

Thanks a lot!

RE: Change Username - un1versal - 2015-10-03

chnage username from




thats and L at end if it isnt already please. making IRC -> Github -> Forums all same nick since universal was taken on various IRC networks and other places... (I blame the grand kids for this they did this for me).

RE: Change Username - ronie - 2015-10-03


RE: Change Username - un1versal - 2015-10-03

thx now I match all over Smile

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