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PVR not installed - boodahbellie - 2015-08-29

I don't have a PVR installed, yet I see this every time Kodi starts up. Why?
I'd love to be able to turn it off, but don't know how.


RE: PVR not installed - mjd72 - 2015-08-29

SYSTEM > Live TV > General. Disable it there

RE: PVR not installed - boodahbellie - 2015-09-02

I have disabled it in SYSTEM > Live TV > General, but it still keeps showing up.

RE: PVR not installed - Steve_uk - 2015-09-03

Make sure all your pvr clients are disabled and pvr manager is... Whatever that is never seen it before

RE: PVR not installed - boodahbellie - 2015-09-03

I have no PVR clients, no PVR devices and no cable feed to supply said non-existent device. After I uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi, I do not see the issue any longer. I must have made a change somewhere in the past that caused this and eradicated it with a clean install.

RE: PVR not installed - DaVu - 2015-09-03

just as a hint, as I read it very often....mostly there is no need of a fresh install. In most cases it's absolutely enough to remove the kodi folder....locations are:

windows: %appdata%\Kodi
linux: ~/.kodi
openelec: ~/storage/.kodi

if you remove this "kodi" folder, all settings and addons are gone. It's like a factory reset and a restart/reboot will create a new "Kodi" folder with plain settings. So there is no need of a fresh install.

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