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Problem Scrapping Asian Movies - denywinarto - 2015-09-03

Anybody here successfully scrap All's Well ends well movies with their english names?

It seems to refuse using English name from IMDB,
I can get it to work using chinese name e.g


English Name : All's Well, Ends Well 1997
Chinese name (Original Title in IMDB) : 97 ga yau hei si

Even with Movies.nfo it still makes no difference,
it will show No video files found within this path, or No Info found if i scrap from the video itself
it will only scrap correctly if the folder AND the movies are named with its chinese name

And strangely, it shows the correct english name in the library

Kinda messed up my collection because i sort them alphabetically.. any idea why?

RE: Problem Scrapping Asian Movies - Redwingsfansfc - 2015-09-04

Did you try the universal movie scraper addon? Not sure if it works still for v15, but it does have imdb support. Further there is an option to keep original name or not for foreign movies

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