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No NFS in Shares?! - Kirill - 2015-09-12

So, I'm trying to add my NFS shares from my server on my Fedora 22 system. But when browsing the shares I can't seem to find the NFS option to add NFS shares.
What I'm I missing here?

But when I'm checking Google I find this: https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/users/2014-October/454813.html


RE: No NFS in Shares?! - fritsch - 2015-09-12

Most likely your fedora kodi is build without nfs support ... nobody knows besides fedora ...

No NFS in Shares?! - Memphiz - 2015-09-12

It definitly is built without libnfs support. Damn we have 2015 and distributions still do this misstake...

RE: No NFS in Shares?! - Kirill - 2015-09-12

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo dnf install kodi
[sudo] password for pontus:
Last metadata expiration check performed 2:38:43 ago on Sat Sep 12 10:47:21 2015.
Dependencies resolved.
Package                                            Arch                                 Version                                                        Repository                                            Size
crystalhd-firmware                                 noarch                               3.10.0-8.fc22                                                  fedora                                               1.1 M
google-roboto-common                               noarch                               1.2-8.fc22                                                     fedora                                               252 k
google-roboto-fonts                                noarch                               1.2-8.fc22                                                     fedora                                               399 k
hdhomerun                                          x86_64                               0.0-0.28.20150615.fc22                                         updates                                              138 k
kodi                                               x86_64                               15.1-1.fc22                                                    rpmfusion-free-updates                                19 M
libcrystalhd                                       x86_64                               3.10.0-8.fc22                                                  fedora                                                55 k
libmicrohttpd                                      x86_64                               0.9.39-2.fc22                                                  fedora                                                64 k
librtmp                                            x86_64                               2.4-3.20131205.gitdc76f0a.fc22                                 rpmfusion-free                                        74 k
libssh                                             x86_64                               0.7.1-1.fc22                                                   updates                                              198 k
mariadb-common                                     x86_64                               1:10.0.21-1.fc22                                               updates                                               74 k
mariadb-config                                     x86_64                               1:10.0.21-1.fc22                                               updates                                               25 k
mariadb-libs                                       x86_64                               1:10.0.21-1.fc22                                               updates                                              637 k
tinyxml                                            x86_64                               2.6.2-7.fc22                                                   fedora                                                54 k

Ok, time to get rid of this if it's missing out the good part....

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