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[OFFICIAL] MPlayer.dll development branch feedback. - elupus - 2007-01-02


I've started working on an updated mplayer.dll for use in xbmc. It is NOT a complete update, thus our base is till pre6. Quite some stuff have been updated. For the tech savy people the source can be gotten from svn in the mplayer_prelim branch.

So far this is what is updated
--- faster and more reliable h264 decoder
--- kmvc decoder
--- Zip Motion-Block Video decoder
--- NupperVideo decoder
--- TGA, Gif, TIFF, PNG decoder (for quicktime encoded movies)
--- Flash Screen video decoder
--- WMV9 (VC1) decoder
--- RV10, RV20 decoder
--- VP5/6 decoder
--- Duck/On2 TrueMotion 2.0 decoder
--- VMware video decoder
--- Smacker Audio/Video decoder
--- Chinese AVS Video decoder
--- CamStudio Screen Codec
--- Tiertex SEQ decoder
--- Fraps decoder
--- QDM2 audio decoder
--- COOK audio decoder
--- Delphine CIN audio decoder
--- 4XM ADPCM audio decoder
--- Westwood IMA ADPCM audio and SND1 decoder
--- Interplay DPC audio decoder
--- EA ADPCM audio decoder
--- XAN DPCM audio decoder
--- True Audio (TTA) decoder
--- WavePack audio decoder
--- Shorten audio decoder
--- Intel Music Coder decoder
--- Vorbis decoder
--- TrueSpeech decoder
libavformat ( many fixes to demuxers )
mpg demuxer
ts demuxer
avi demuxer
asf demuxer
mov demuxer
real demuxer
mkv demuxer

The dll can be downloaded here, and i'll update it as I go along. Make sure you put the codecs.conf file in too otherwise you won't be able to use the new codecs.

Please post bug reports as compared to old mplayer.dll in this thread.


2007-01-07: nothing major changed, fixed some streaming issues for wma/wmv over http.

2007-01-08: last revision broke parsing of suboptions, (skiploopfilter) wich should be fixed now.

2007-01-08: fixed: most mms:// urls crashed

2007-01-17: fixed: ts demuxer didn't allow stream selection
fixed: pp filter (used for deinterlacing) wasn't available

2007-01-31: fixed: liba52 would mess up on some encodes if the audio stream had errors in it. (bug exists in old mplayer too)

2007-02-14: fixed: memleakage when decoding using libmpeg2 (mpeg 2 and mpeg 1)
update: mpg demuxer with support for H264 and VC1 in mpeg-ps

2007-03-15: added: dvr-ms patch for asf demuxer by John Donaghy
*note* mplayer_prelim branch have now been merged into trunc and latest dll exists in xbmc repository.

- Batfink - 2007-01-02

This is Awesome,
I've been testing this DLL with different problematic H264 files, some of which that would drop to as low as 2 frames per second (mainly scenes with water) and all have played without even missing a beat.

I have a couple of H264 files which have a problem playing on XBMC which have nothing to do with CPU power, at a certain point they suddenly jump from 23/25/29 frames and shoot upto 50 fps, the sound crackles, then they drop down to 10 fps and then jump back to 50 fps, and will do this constantly till you step in and give the FF a quick flick..then they are fine for a while and then will start jumping again.

They dont do it with this new DLL, they play perfectly all the way through.

Needless to say, i'm wrapped. I'll keep using this DLL and checking here for updates and drop a line if i find any bugs.

Many Thanks for doing this.

- [o]SoundWave[o] - 2007-01-02

I've tested the dll in latest t3ch build with the KAA Beyond the Clouds trailer H264/Vorbis/mkv and it's looking very good.
It used to drop around 878 frames and only achieve a ~17 fps with the normal dll (sound wasn't sync either), but with this dll (and i used the lavdopts=skiploopfilter=all) i get only ~50 dropped frames (it only drops in two scenes with big movement), correct fps and sound in sync.
It's not yet in a state where i can leave xvid behind and go h264, but has major improvements.

Crash - ezar - 2007-01-02

Problems when I want play a .mov file:

15:09:52 M: 176128 SEVERE: DLL: Q:\system\players\mplayer\mplayer.dll : malloc failed, crash imminent (Out of memory requesting 384816 bytes)
15:09:52 M: 180224 ERROR: perror: malloc
15:09:52 M: 180224 SEVERE: DLL: Q:\system\players\mplayer\mplayer.dll : malloc failed, crash imminent (Out of memory requesting 1624080 bytes)
15:09:52 M: 180224 SEVE

- spiff - 2007-01-02

yeah, believe it or not this dll does not add more memory to your xbox.

don't strip logs. we need all the info to determine what kind of issue we are looking at. from those lines, i'd say you are running in 1080i and/or with too big a cache.
you want to prove me wrong? give us context

Sorry about that... Its a VP7 file :( - ezar - 2007-01-02

Sorry about that... Its a VP7 file Sad
I trash all log file... Sorry for that Sad

H264 benchmark - ezar - 2007-01-02

I test this file:

When I reproduce using DVDPlayer (not MPlayer) the video works very well (20-25 fps) but no audio... but when I reproduce with MPlayer the video it's slow (5-10) {better with this build than official release} and audio works!!

Why DVDPlayer reproduce video better than mplayer if they use ffmpeg... and why DVDPlayer cant reproduce auido...

Thank you.

- Asteron - 2007-01-02

I'm seeing a huge improvement in H.264 playback. Videos that were unwatchable with the last dll now have around 95% full playback. It's not perfect yet but still very good.

- spiff - 2007-01-02

well for one dvd player is more memory efficient (and slightly faster in general). also, not surprised that the fps is higher when only video is decoded (although that was quite a difference). finally, the reason for no sound is that we don't have any quicktime binary codec support in dvdp (which isn't used for the vid since that's standard h.264 however it is used for the audio).

- Rabomil - 2007-01-02

As deblocking is very hard to handle and in most cases the reason for not having smooth playback, wouldn't it be a good idea to disable it by default, by adding "lavdopts=skiploopfilter=all" to mplayer.conf?

- elupus - 2007-01-02

oh no, that options sure is good at times, but it's an essential part of h264, any highly compressed file will look like crap with that disabled. for highbitrate files it's a different story. It should be added to gui thou.

that clip ezar is using AAC audio, wich also is very hard to decode thus audio adds another load on the cpu.

on another note. as pre what most mplayer devs say, framedropping is an abomination Smile, thus there might be a point in allowing it to be disabled. for video's which play on the margin with just a few dropped frames, it is only detrimental as it will just make video look choppy. abit desync then would be a better choice.

- Rabomil - 2007-01-02

elupus Wrote:[...]It should be added to gui thou.[...]

That would be the best option. Smile

[I added the line to my mplayer.conf, because I'm only playing dvd-resolution, 1000-2000 kbit avg encodes and they usually have deblocking enabled in the encode.]

Access violation - jetskijoe - 2007-01-04

I have tried the new MPlayer.dll date: 12/27/06 from XBMC Build: 01/02/07 inside the test folder of the T3CH SVN 2007-01-01 rev7469 PROPER. I get the following error:

00:25:09 M: 29818880 ERROR: CMPlayer::OpenFile : Access violation at 0x0129f3eb: Reading location 0x0000001c
00:25:09 M: 36823040 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path [smb://VMWARE/starbig/Cromartie High School/01.mkv]
00:25:11 M: 29818880 ERROR: CMPlayer::OpenFile : Access violation at 0x0129f3eb: Reading location 0x0000001c

When I go back to version Mplayer dev-CVS-060924-20:59 I don't have the error everything works fine.

please let me know if you want more logging or what else I can do to help.

- Rabomil - 2007-01-04

jetskijoe Wrote:please let me know if you want more logging or what else I can do to help.

What was the content of the Matroska file? Maybe you can post a sample of your file, to make it easier for the developers.

- Soluzar - 2007-01-04

Any hope at all that you could look into comitting the ASS/SSA subtitle rendering patch to your mplayer fork? It's been committed to the upstream mplayer for a while now, and it's the only new feature I'm interested in.