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Clearity Skin - Smokehead - 2007-01-03

Hi folks!!

It's been a while since PDM has been updated, and some of you may wonder why. Well i can tell you that i was kind of busy these past months with personal as well other side projects and one of them was a new XBMC skin called "Clearity" or codename: "ProjectX". there were some goals that i wanted to accomplish but not many, one of them was to try and break the common button usage on the left and place them like tabs above the actual menu to increase space for the lists, panels, etc. also i wanted a clear looking skin with some custom options for users to use their own backgrounds if needed, so just the basic stuff.

It also takes advantage of the highly new and top-of-the-line XBMC skin engine features like new lists and icon panels, wich we can only thank one man for .. jmarshall. these include better handling of dialog overlays, better list and icon panels, Wraplists.., better .The skin is in beta stage and this means that there can be flaws, ..hmm there will be flaws, so please report them in this tread if you encounter one so they will get fixed sooner or later.. thx in advance.

Some Screenie's:

Big Icon Panel in MyPictures.

Now Playing Dialog in action (this is accesable tru playercontrols).

Wraplist usage in Myvideos.

.. so in case you wanna try this skin, please make sure you are running a recent (pre-2.1) XBMC, so latest t3ch or sumthing will do i guess. So were's the download link? .. Well here it is :
for more svn skins see :

This requires you to have TortoiseSVN installed on your pc, get it here
i hope you guys are gonna like it, and feel free to drop your opinions or questions in this tread, enjoy!!

- gergtreble - 2007-01-03

Sorry about this. But im a total skin Noob.

How do I download and install this? As it looks totaly beautiful!

Ive had a look on the site yo link to, and I suppose I could download each file one by one.

What is this svn thing? And how do I use it.

Once again apologies for being so clueless...

- djtoll - 2007-01-03

WOW great JOB !!!!

- gibran19 - 2007-01-03

how i download this skin?

- Chandler - 2007-01-03

gibran19 Wrote:how i download this skin?

Read the 1st post before asking crazy questions....

- gibran19 - 2007-01-03

u mean i need 2 download the files 1 by 1?

- jarod71 - 2007-01-03

how do we compile this? can some one compile the skin and provide it for download? I would love to try it.

- gibran19 - 2007-01-03

anyone? HELP!

- Chandler - 2007-01-03

...USE YOUR BRAIN A LITTLE, All is in the first post :

"So were's the download link? .. Well here it is :
for more svn skins see :

This requires you to have TortoiseSVN installed on your pc, get it here

If you don't know/understand something, don't ask for help when you didn't searched a little before please..

- WeirdH - 2007-01-03

TortoiseSVN gives me this:

Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/viewvc/xboxmediacenter'
Error: PROPFIND of '/viewvc/xboxmediacenter': 301 Moved (http://xboxmediacenter.svn.sourceforge.net)

Anybody know anything I can do about this? I NEED this skin man...! Wink

- WeirdH - 2007-01-03

Oh wait.......

This seems to work:

Goodie! Big Grin

- gergtreble - 2007-01-03

Ok got it sorted.

That just copies over into the skins file then?

- gergtreble - 2007-01-03

Ok used my brain as instructed and ran the build batch file. As instructed FTPed the built clearity dir to my xbox.

In the apearence section the clearity skin is greyed out when I try and select it I get

"Incompatible skin we require skins of version 2.00 or higher"

Im running XBMC-2.0.1-FINAL-FAT-T3CH.

Any Ideas where I went wrong?

- WeirdH - 2007-01-03

Dude!! Friggin' AWESOME!!!

Stuff I noticed right away:
- when I'm doing a lookup on an unknown album, the "manual"-button overlaps the "cancel"-button.

- Of course, the "Sort by"-button has that little arrow overlapping with text.

- In 'Skin options', when I go browse for a custom background image, the drive location overlaps with the Xbox Media Center SVN text at the bottom. Also, in the same window, the "New folder"-text exceeds its button sides, unlike the "OK" and "Cancel".

- In the weather screen, I have location NLXX0037, which is Deventer/Teuge. The name overlaps the date on the right. Also, choosing another town doesn't refresh the name, but displays the weather.com-code I use (ie Amsterdam stays NLXX0002)

- In the Pictures-tab in Home screen, there's an option for slideshow, but this takes me to a manual view, so no pan and zoom effects are applied and I have to advance manually

Furthermore, I'd like the text on the tabs in Home screen to be a wee bit bigger, for readability. That's all I really encounter right now.

Man, this skin is sweet!

A while back I saw a post by Sollie, stating you were working on something really awesome, and I thought it'd be something like a cool theme for PDM or MC360... So this is literally even better than I imagined.

Thanks a lot..! Big Grin

- WeirdH - 2007-01-03

@ Gergtreble:

You need a newer XBMC.