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Latest Stalker API - cub69 - 2015-09-29

Where can I find a built version with the lastest API firmware compiled in? I can see the sources have been updated in the GIT but I haven't found a built package yet? My provider requires the newer version...


RE: Latest Stalker API - zambilo76 - 2015-09-29

Hi, I am on Ubuntu and trying to get the binary for the new API v4.1.0.

If the binary is not available, I am willing to build it under Ubuntu but I need some direction.
I am have experience with coding but i must admit i am not familiar with your setup ...
Any guidance would be very welcome ..

RE: Latest Stalker API - kenji123 - 2015-10-10

@cub69 please use Kodi alpha releases or nightlies. http://mirrors.kodi.tv/nightlies/

@zambilo76 you can read about compiling pvr add-ons here: 219166 (thread)

you can compile just a single add-on without having to build Kodi itself.