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WhatAmIMissing: Adding Content to Online Manual - kzr1y2 - 2007-01-22

Hi Dankula,

Just attempted to add content to one of the Online Manual pages; I can login, Edit the page, click Show Preview, and Save Changes ... but the content I added/changed doesn' appear.

Tried reloading the browser cache ... no luck.

Does content change go through an approval process or what did I miss ?



- kzr1y2 - 2007-01-22

Well ... after giving it another try, figured out what I missed. Seems like checking the 'Minor Edit' box causes the following message to be displayed:

Your edit includes new URL links; as a protection against automated spam, you'll need to type in the words that appear in this image:
(What is this?)

39 + 9 =

Not so much of an image as a 'fill-in-the-blanks' Eek



- donno - 2007-01-31

just do the maths and enter it in. Its probley just coz we changed the captcha system to use maths rather then words (math requires thinking), most ppl can look at a image and type in the words.

But yes normal users can not ADD PAGES, and Non Ninjas are required to go throught captcha on pages they edit.

We have had some spam added to the wiki in the past this is there to help protect it.

- kzr1y2 - 2007-02-01

Hi Donno,

I'm so used to having to enter image contents on most sites that I didn't notice the math entry box until the 2nd time around Confused

Other than the obvious years of serious intense training; how can one become a XBMC Wiki Ninja Smile



- DonJ - 2007-02-01

Read: http://www.xboxmediacenter.com/wiki/index.php?title=Editing_Standards

- kzr1y2 - 2007-02-01

Thanks DonJ,

Hopefully Pike will have a read on this thread ... iRC is fully blocked and attempt to access is monitored.


- blakholephysics - 2007-04-07

Just dealing with the whole math thing and how we rely on calculators too much.

I felt really stupid when my mind blanked on "87 + 5"