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[Windows] Kodi on a Win 10 Baytrail-T tablet - noggin - 2015-10-25

Hi all

Bought a very cheap Linx 7 tablet a couple of months ago, partially because it came with 12 months of MS Office 365 (with a secondary licence for a Mac or PC), and because it was a good deal at the time (1GB RAM, 32GB eMMC, Micro HDMI, Micro SD card and USB 2.0 OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth). It came with Windows 8.1 with Bing (and a corrupt recovery/Wimboot partition that caused me to brick it on one occasion). However it is now happily upgraded to Windows 10 and authorised.

It has a Micro HDMI output, and you can use an external charger and hub at the same time via the Micro USB OTG port, allowing you to use USB storage, TV tuner sticks etc. AND charge it at the same time. (BIOS tweak needed - well I did the BIOS tweak and it works!)

I wanted a light mobile Kodi solution for watching content on the go, but this thing also gives me Netflix and DVB Viewer for TV (Hotel TVs are always a bit disappointing so I carry a Freeview HD dongle too...) It's also just about usable as a tablet for watching recorded TV and other content on the tube, bus or a train. I currently use an iPhone remote. (I use a 4G MiFi for location data so the phone and tablet are on the same network.) With the screen set for 23p I'd say Netflix looks pretty good, and you can stream DD+ to an amp if you need to (though I'm usually watching in stereo on a hotel telly with this set-up)

It's playing 720/50p H264 with AC3 audio fine with no obvious frame drops or skips other than when navigating. 1080/50i in Kodi is a bit more hit and miss, though in DVB Viewer it is pretty spot on. I'd put the deinterlacing in DVB Viewer ahead of that in Kodi.

The new DirectX builds of Kodi appear to run really well on it so far. 1080p HDMI output with refresh rate changing (I disable the LCD screen when using it connected to a TV), and if you are feeling ambitious it outputs DD/DTS bitstreamed or 8 channel PCM (up to 192kHz) Will try some multichannel AAC when I get a chance.

Wouldn't recommend the tablet route for a main Kodi install, and the Baytrail-T is probably marginal. However if you want a cheap 'road warrior' set-up this kind of works. The hub + PSU combo and cables are a bit Heath Robinson - but they work.

(I did get a lot of random screen rotation issues - but rotation lock in Windows seems to have solved this at the moment)

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