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15.2 Recently added not working - mpuscion - 2015-10-30

Hi all,

sorry if there was already solution for my problem but I have been looking the forum for hours and I can't find it.
I have been using XBMC/KODI for few years now and recently added never really worked for me and finally I am trying to solve the problem but I am like a stupit blind man and cannot do anything about it.

I am using 15.2 on Win10 now (Confluence of course), I have two issues: recently added on home screen is only available for music section - however it did not update since I installed XBMC for the first time.

So the question is how to make it update in the music section and how to make it show in the movies/tv shows sections.

In menu I have checked "Show Recently added Videos " and "Show Recently added Music". Tried to uncheck it and check again but it doesn't change anything.

I created advancedsettings.xml which is (I think) correctly loaded.
19:06:26 T:4284 NOTICE: Loaded settings file from special://profile/advancedsettings.xml
19:06:26 T:4284 NOTICE: Contents of special://profile/advancedsettings.xml are...

But still with no effect.

I have also selected in menu automatic library update during startup.

Can someone please give me some hint how to solve it?

Thanks, a lot,

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