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PVR add on not starting - Thomstri - 2015-11-26

I have just installed MP and KODI on Windows 10. I have no experience from this SW. I used to run DVB and WMC earlier and Switched to only WMC when I dumped the DVBS. No I use only OTA ATSC.
I can get TV channels on MP TV server set up. When I start KODI I get an error message the the PVR addon doesn't start. I have tried to disable it and enable it again. I have followed the installation from the manuals of both MP and KODI. I'm stuck. Can anyone help.

RE: PVR add on not starting - mcelliott - 2015-11-27

Can anyone help? With this amount of information, honestly no.

You don't even say what version of Kodi and MP you are using.

RE: PVR add on not starting - Thomstri - 2015-11-28

OK thanks for the reply, I'm using the latest versions I downloaded this week.
MP 1.12
Kodi 15.2
MP PVR Client 1.10.9
Win10 /64

My HW is:
ASUS My Cinema EHC3150 Combo
Nvidia GeForce 9300 /nForce 730i
Intel Core duo E8400 3.0GHz

Tell me where I can find the logfile and I post it.
Let me know if you need more info.

PVR add on not starting - puenktchen - 2015-11-28

Log files you'll find under your userprofile\appdata\roaming\kodi.
A dumb question: Have you also installed the TVServerKodi plugin?

RE: PVR add on not starting - Thomstri - 2015-11-28

I found the log file. Here a link to a log file from a start up of Kodi.


What can anyone read out of it?
As I said. the PVR ad on doesn't work. I cannot get TV on Kodi. I can watch other video apps and I can watch tv on the Media portal Server in preview.

Thanks again in advance

RE: PVR add on not starting - Thomstri - 2015-11-28

That is not a dumb question at all. I did not see in the manual that I should install it. If you mean I should I will do so and try again

RE: PVR add on not starting - Thomstri - 2015-11-28

Thanks Pynktchen!
I found it in the manual and installed it. I suspected it was a rahter simple solution. Thanks

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