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Animated .gif posters - beesmyer - 2015-11-27

I've been experimenting with animated posters for movies. In EMM I use advanced settings to create a folder.jpg. If I want to use an animated gif image for the poster by adding it through EMM it changes the gif to a jpg and using it for the folder image as well which is not ideal. So I'd currently have to manually replace the folder.jpg and movie-poster.gif. Would be nice to be able to separate the folder image and poster images and support gif. Not real urgent for me right now but an inconvenience. I just see the interest growing for animated posters and know a lot of work is currently going into the next release of EMM so that it might be a good time to mention it.

RE: Animated .gif posters - shaktoo - 2015-11-28


RE: Animated .gif posters - Soujirou Seta - 2015-11-28


RE: Animated .gif posters - DanCooper - 2015-11-29

Really? Animated GIFs as poster? Come on Tongue

RE: Animated .gif posters - T-bird_se - 2015-11-29

(2015-11-29, 00:14)DanCooper Wrote: Really? Animated GIFs as poster? Come on Tongue

They are supported in Jarvis and some of them is looking really nice

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RE: Animated .gif posters - beesmyer - 2015-11-29

(2015-11-29, 11:05)T-bird_se Wrote:
(2015-11-29, 00:14)DanCooper Wrote: Really? Animated GIFs as poster? Come on Tongue

They are supported in Jarvis and some of then is locking really nice

It was just revealed here that there is a problem in the code that prevents .gif from working in Jarvis with NAS. Or atleast over SMB. Still trying to find out more. But the problem is likely too deep to be corrected in Jarvis.

RE: Animated .gif posters - shaktoo - 2015-11-30

Yes Dan ! working great with Jarvis ! infact not just posters, but fanarts , weather fanarts .. whatever.. I can point out webpages for scraping as mentioned in the post on the forum.

RE: Animated .gif posters - beesmyer - 2015-12-05

While you might be thinking of this for EMM I figure maybe I should mention as well that support for APNG is also being worked on for kodi. Just incase it wasn't seen.

RE: Animated .gif posters - RedsGT - 2016-12-12


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