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RE: Featherence - danik56 - 2016-12-05

Yes, I tried to add visualization but it does not seem to do anything. also not sure how to cause the Play/Stop bar to pop up during playback.

Featherence - finalmakerr - 2016-12-05

Visualization added to my WIP.
About the Video/Audio OSD buttons, you can bring it up by pressing enter/context menu while in full screen or pressing up while navigating anywhere in the skin.


RE: Featherence - danik56 - 2016-12-05


RE: Featherence - danik56 - 2016-12-06

Is it possible to set a shortcut on the LIVE TV wall for a specific TV channel ?

Featherence - finalmakerr - 2016-12-06

Yes you can do it in the skin design window.
Go to the live tv button then click on a widget and set action.


RE: Featherence - danik56 - 2016-12-06

One more question:
Is Artist Slideshow supported with this skin? does it require any configuration files tweaking?

Featherence - finalmakerr - 2016-12-06

Added to my WIP.
Expect it to be available for Krypton on next update.


RE: Featherence - danik56 - 2016-12-07

Is there a way to have recently added music albums to appear on the music desktop similar to the default skin ?

Featherence - finalmakerr - 2016-12-07

I never used it myself but check the available options in the actions list, there are some options there related to music library.


Featherence - finalmakerr - 2017-01-13

Added Krypton support.
Simply download from Featherence Repo.


@danik56, @jdig4240, @telexxingou

RE: Featherence - finalmakerr - 2017-01-16

Featherence v0.7.0 (16-01-17)
- ***Added Krypton support***.
- Added action information in skin design window for Buttons, Sub Buttons and Widgets.
- Added Artist Slideshow support (WIP).
- Added auto-skin resolution support for touch devices and new TV with high resolution.
- Added feature to show video/audio OSD by mouse clicking the top information bar.
- Added left menu settings icon for skin's views.
- Added option to ignore fanart for movies/tvshows widget.
- Added music visualation support.
- Added Party Mode feature to music library.
- Added Premiered information to Side List view instead of year when available.
- Added ScrollBar support to PVR Guide window.
- Added show ratings feature to Side Wall view.
- Added Topvideoinformation layer for DialogFavourites window.
- Major update of skin animation performance (Less slow down!).
- Minor bugs fix.
- Minor update of skin layouts.
- Minor update of SmartPlaylistEditor window.
- Minor update of widget's labels design.


RE: Featherence - SpekEnBonen - 2017-02-01

Dear Finalmakerr,

My apologies if this is not the right place to ask this but I couldn't find a more suitable place. I am currently on Jarvis running Featherence 0.6.8 ( I have a minix box that's stuck on KitKat so as far as I know Krypton is a no-go). Skinned the hell out of Jarvis though. Many, many thanks! I only have one last thing I can't seem to resolve. In my video library I would like it to show DVD/Bluray cases. I have the setting turned on but it still shows the regular pictures. I have noticed that only when a dialog dialogue box opens on top of the library view, like opening a filter. I can see the images have changed to boxes. If I close the dialogue box. All cases quickly revert back to 'normal pictures'. Do you have any idea what's going on here and how to fix this?

I would really appreciate your help. I have tried a lot of skins since I've bought this box. Some are better than others. But this is just ridiculous. The effort you must have put in to this, the Featherence 'plugins' like the Emu and Docu. Wow brother, just wow..

I'm hoping you can help me out here!

Thnx and greetings from Holland

Ps: Featherence is in Transperency theme, changing this doesn't seem to help but I thought it was worth mentioning.

RE: Featherence - finalmakerr - 2017-02-01

Hey @SpekEnBonen m8.
Thank you for your kind words i really appreciate it.

About the DVD cases it's probably a small glitch/bug but first i suggest you try a different view and check if DVD cases setting is enable on that view.
In order to further help you with requests/bugs you will have to use Krypton and not Jarvis.

RE: Featherence - SpekEnBonen - 2017-02-02

Hi Finalmakerr,

Thanks 4 your reply and no thanks. I've already tried all views, but without success. I can't upgrade to Krypton because of the Minix x8h being stuck on KitKat. I tried rooting and using custom Rom and spoofing to Lollipop but that crashes my box. Guess you're saying I should get another box than.. Thnx Minix Sad

Again thnx for your answer and keep up the good work! I would drop some dimes in your donate box when the ship rolls in but I couldn't find one on your website! If you have one do tell.


Ps: cases do show in sidelist view in the top right corner. It only works in this view..

RE: Featherence - finalmakerr - 2017-02-02

@SpekEnBonen m8 i just released 0.6.9 update for Jarvis there you should have your issue solved!
Thanks for your support!

About donation, click on he love button at the bottom right corner of featherence website.
Thanks for your good will <3

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