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Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-23


I have created two smart playlists according to path. One points to a folder containing tv shows in french and the other contains tv shows in english. When I open the playlists, for the tv shows that I have both in french and english, the french and english episodes are mixed together under the same entry in one playlist and the same tv show is missing from the other playlist.

How can Kodi mix the entries of two folders if it is set to look at only one specific folder?



RE: Smart playlist error - DarrenHill - 2015-12-23

Moved to OS independent, as it's not a feature request.

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-23

I could be wrong but I feel thi is a programming issue more than support. That's why I posted it in the feature request forum. Smart playlist being a feature and it is not working completely as it should. I wanted to point it out to the developers.



RE: Smart playlist error - Fail$tyle420 - 2015-12-23

What OS are you running? I just tried this on windows and it works as it should. My test was english/japanese files but it worked without a hitch.

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-28

I'm running Win 7 SP1 64bit (english version). Thanks for trying to replicate. What version of Kodi are you on?

RE: Smart playlist error - Fail$tyle420 - 2015-12-30

At the time, latest Jarvis nightly. Tried again with latest today and still works Smile Windows 10 x64

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-30

OK Thanks. I tried to go back to XBMC 13.2 and it is working. So I guess there might be something wrong with my Kodi install. I'll try a fresh install.

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-31

Nothing works. I tried with Kodi 15.2 on a Win 10 computer, same mess, french and english episodes show up under the same playlist. I tried Jarvis B4, same results. Only improvement is with XBMC 13.2, it can separate most tv shows correctly except the ones that have the exact same title in french and english, So frustrating.

RE: Smart playlist error - Ned Scott - 2015-12-31

It's probably the TV show ID thing. TV shows are now consolidated based on the TV show ID number from the scraper, rather than from the directory name (or something like that). What rule are you using to filter out things by language?

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2015-12-31

My tv shows are organised in two different folders according to the language (not even on the same hard drive). So I use the "path contains" rule. I thought it would be easy but maybe Kodi is smarter than it should, recognizing the tv shows as the same. In thetvdb, the show ID is actually the same for the different languages as you stated. Everything else is exactly as I want it, if I can just fix that thing, I'd be a happy camper!

RE: Smart playlist error - Ned Scott - 2016-01-01

The path rule should be enough to filter them. That's very weird that it isn't working.

RE: Smart playlist error - DaVu - 2016-01-01

Maybe it might be better to use a "path" "is" rule instead of "path" "contains".

DonĀ“t know if this is correct, but maybe if both path contain the word "TV-Show" for example, they might be mixed.



Maybe this is senseless, but I would give it a shot.

RE: Smart playlist error - freddyboucher - 2016-01-03

David : for some reason using "path is" doesn't work, the playlist comes empty.

Ned : Don't know whats up either, as I said before maybe Kodi is too smart, it knows that it is the same tv show. I guess it would need a developer to look into it.

Thanks guys.

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