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Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2015-12-29

This add-on notifies you of stinger scenes in the current movie. It pops up a notification when the credits roll (or at least towards the end).

Stringer scene notification can now be installed from the official Kodi add-on repository, under "Services", for Kodi 16 Jarvis and up.

It uses tags to identify movies that have a stinger, which can be automatically added by the Universal Movie Scraper from TheMovieDB, as aftercreditsstinger and duringcreditsstinger.
If there are no chapters on your media file, the add-on searches for them on the ChapterDb. If chapters are available, the notification pops up when the last chapter starts, which is generally the credits, otherwise 10 (configurable) minutes before the movie ends.

Source available on GitHub at service.stinger.notification.

Adding tags
To add these tags to new movies automatically, use a movie scraper that can set tags from The Movie Database. The Universal Movie Scraper can be configured with a setting.

If your existing movies don't already have these tags, you can avoid rescraping them with a handy once-off option in the add-on settings under "Advanced", "Grab stinger tags from TheMovieDB for all movies", which will run through your library and grab these tags for all movies from The Movie Database. New movies should still be tagged by the scraper as described above.

The tags can also be added with nfo files, if that's your style.

It has a simple skinnable window, and has the option to use a simple notification message. The built in control labels are id="100" for the stinger type (During credits, After credits) and id="101" for the full message.

The window property stinger is set on the window fullscreenvideo when the video starts. Possible values for stinger are "duringcreditsstinger", "aftercreditsstinger", "duringcreditsstinger aftercreditsstinger" if the movie has both, and "None". The property is only set when a movie in the library is playing, and empty in all other cases.

Movies don't always start the last chapter when the credits begin rolling, so the notification won't be timed right for a handful of movies.

If you are experiencing an error, please post your log file and a brief description of what you were doing and what happened.

RE: Stinger scene notification - patria o muerte - 2015-12-30

I tried to install that but Kodi isengard gave me "dependencies not met" error.

RE: Stinger scene notification - TRaSH - 2015-12-30

i think the issue is with "script.module.devhelper"
tried a fast search couldn't find it.

RE: Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2015-12-30


Fixed in 0.5.1! Give it a try now.

RE: Stinger scene notification - TRaSH - 2015-12-30

that one install without a issue,
going to test it with a movie tomorrow that i know that has a stinger Wink

RE: Stinger scene notification - nickr - 2015-12-30

Excellent idea, watched Minions recently. Everyone walked out when the credits started and I had to call them back for the stinger.

RE: Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2015-12-31

Version 0.5.3 adds a window property for skins and such, and can be installed on Helix and up.

Stinger scene notification - tripkip - 2016-01-03

Any chance for setting up a temporary repository until this ever gets into the Kodi repo? If you put your source on github it's really easy to update and release new versions. How you can turn your github project into a Kodi repo is described somewhere (Google).

RE: Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2016-01-04

I have been considering a repo for a few other half-cocked projects I've got going on, so I might set one up soon.

RE: Stinger scene notification - narvatu - 2016-01-04

I wonder if this addon-script will fit in the skin helper service. So, the (many) skins that use this service can do use of it easyly (a single configuration option)
PD: the problem would be maintenance. but I donĀ“t know how much this script needs

RE: Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2016-01-04

This works independently from skins, and it is not a good fit for the skin helper service.

RE: Stinger scene notification - XBMCWorkstation - 2016-01-13

I've tried the addon with a standard Kodi (Confluence skin) and "The Avengers", but nothing happens ... Have I missunderstood anything?

RE: Stinger scene notification - rmrector - 2016-01-14

Does the movie have the tags 'aftercreditsstinger' and 'duringcreditsstinger'? The Universal Movie Scraper can be configured to pull tags from TheMovieDB, under 'General' the setting 'Get Keywords and Save as Tags from'. They can also be added manually.

RE: Stinger scene notification - XBMCWorkstation - 2016-01-15

Thanks, I didn't know this is necessary ...

RE: Stinger scene notification - Lunatixz - 2016-01-15

Very cool plugin, thanks

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