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Home menu button size - FakeShemp - 2016-01-01

I've recently updated Transparency to the latest version and my home menu buttons have grown in size, they used to be the same size as the submenu and I've tried messing in the settings to get them smaller but nothings worked, so I was thinking of jumping into the xml and was hoping someone could give me a tip on which xml to start editing, there's so manyBlush

RE: Home menu button size - Vimes - 2016-01-02

When mine updated a few days ago I too noticed the button / font size increase by quite a bit, although I have a horizontal menu bar. I wasn't sure how to change it back as it does now look too big on my TV and I can't seem to find an option either to reduce it back to what it was.


RE: Home menu button size - cape-city - 2016-01-03

Have a look into this file:


and reduce here the size value (when u`re usung the default fontset):


I don't know where this fontsize is also used for and it will be reset back with next update from skin...

I'm using the german language and some entries are now too long to be shown completly when using horizontal menu bar.
The option in the settings for "wide home menu buttons" does not work proper here anymore, e.g. "EINSTELLUNGEN" or
"DISC WIEDERGEBEN", only with the side menu it fits with the longest entry.


RE: Home menu button size - FakeShemp - 2016-01-09

all the stuff you need to tweak is in the \addons\skin.transparency\720p\Includes_Home.xml file.

This is what mine looks like now after much trial and error.

I made a few notes of what I was changing as I went, this is only for the vertical menu and doesn't include everything I changed under each section but it'll give you some idea of where to start.

Line 159
    <include name="HomeButtonNormal">
Line 165
    <include name="HomeButtonLabelNormal">
Line 2289
    <include name="VerticalMenu">
Line 2335
    <itemlayout width="200" height="44">
Line 2357
    <focusedlayout width="200" height="44">
    pop out sub menu
Line 4124
Line 4150
Line 4295
    <include name="VerticalSubMenuLayoutAnim">
    <animation effect="zoom" start="200,248,5,242" end="200,248,200,242"

If I can do it anyone can, make a backup!! 1st.

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