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Different Categories setup - 04rex - 2016-01-03

Hey guys, looking for some help.

Right now with XBMC there are the regular categories such as Movies, Pictures, TV Shows etc. I want to make a custom category for my Kids Movies. How do I do this? I just want my kids movies to show up in this category and no other. They are currently all in a separate folder on my HTPC as well.

I want it to work just like how the regular Movies category works but only with the kids movies.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

RE: Different Categories setup - bry - 2016-01-03

Smart_playlists (wiki) is going to be your best bet

RE: Different Categories setup - trogggy - 2016-01-03

To add to that:

Add kid's movies folder as a source, set content to movies, scan to library.
Clicking Movies will now show you everything - which isn't what you want.
Set up a smart playlist pointing to the kid's movies folder.
Set up another smart playlist pointing to your current movies folder (ie everything but kids).
Switch to a skin that lets you put playlists on the home screen (I use xonfluence, but there are plenty of options).
Stick the 2 smart playlists (but not Movies) on your home screen.

RE: Different Categories setup - 04rex - 2016-01-03

Thanks guys. I will give this a shot.

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