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Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - hdmkv - 2016-01-04

Basement: Dedicated Home Theater

Finally done, after couple of months of own work and hiring a contractor Big Grin ...

watch gallery

Equipment list:
  • Epson 5025UB 1080p 3D projector
  • Da-lite High Power 133" 16x9 screen (too bad Da-lite no longer makes HP screens)
  • Pioneer 'Andrew Jones' SP-series budget speaker system
    - SP-FS52-LR towers (2x fronts)
    - SP-BS22-LR bookshelfs (4x side & rear surrounds)
    - SP-C22 center
    - Polk Audio RC80i 2 Way In-ceiling 8" speakers (4x front and rear presence heights)
    - Outlaw Audio LFM-1 EX subwoofer (got off Craigslist as the Pioneer SW-8MK2 just didn't cut it for my size room)
  • Yamaha RX-A3050 9.2-channel Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X AVR, used to drive 9.1 channels
    - Denon AVR-X2100W 7.2-channel A/V receiver, used as 2-channel amp to drive fronts
  • Synology DS1812+ NAS with 2x expansion units (for all media storage)
  • HiMedia 10 Pro full 3D and 4K media player
  • Intel D34010WYK i3 NUC w/Kodi MVC build
  • TiVo Mini

Family Room: Casual Viewing

watch gallery

Equipment list:
  • Vizio D65u-D2 65-inch 4K LED Smart TV (snagged Black Friday deal Smile)
  • nVidia Shield TV 500GB
  • Apple TV 4 (selling as mostly unimpressed)
  • TiVo Roamio OTA HD DVR
  • Yamaha YAS-101 Sound Bar

Loft: Kids' Game Room

watch gallery

Equipment list:
  • BenQ W1070 3D projector (my old basement PJ, now demoted here)
  • Flat-white painted wall as screen
  • XBOX One with Kinect (refurb)
  • WiiU
  • Raspberry Pi2 w/OpenELEC
  • Pioneer VSX-822 5.1-channel A/V receiver

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - sh33p - 2016-01-04

amazing job! which speakers, amp, projector are you using?

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - k4sh1n - 2016-01-04

A very impressive setup, my only critique would be to get thicker curtains.

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - Skank - 2016-01-04

Aha nice!
Very large room!
I finally can see you in there Smile

Couple of questions/suggestions

-Can you add your complete setup please in your first post? (audio/video/nas etc etc, really complete)
-Curious what you know use for mediaplayer in there (i think Q5, as i do)
-Do you game in there?
-Never thought about going unraid route instead of all those synology's?
- Those statues on the shelves, its nice, but you really should conside statues from hot toys Smile those are extremely beautiful (but also expensive lol, i just started that too, but its so much nicer)

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - hdmkv - 2016-01-04

@sh33p, thanks much! Updated post above with equipment list.

@k4sh1n, thicker curtains are on my list, along with some kind of a simple masking system for 2.35:1 or wider scope movies.

@Skank, thanks... HiMedia Q5 is my go-to media player, but I also use Pi2 and Shield TV fairly often. I don't game much as I don't have enough time for movies as it is. I did have a XBOX One connected there, and games looked/sounded great, but my kids hogged the room, so it got booted to a secondary room. I've considered unRAID, but honesty wasn't confident I'd be able to set up all the hardware & software at the time (about 3 years ago), so went Synology instead as it's so easy to use.

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - Skank - 2016-01-04

I see..
You should also consider accoustic room treatments like i did
Bass traps and stuff
A curtain already does do much
Especially on your corners and roof... and your walls (first reflection points)

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - bdreams - 2016-01-04

Great job man hd. Question what you think about ceiling being black

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - hdmkv - 2016-01-05

Considering it and also front (screen) wall. Don't know how big an impact this would have?

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - Skank - 2016-01-05

yeah black helps a lot for your contrast Wink , the darker the better !

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - Borge_30 - 2016-01-05

Wow, what an setup. Fine! Smile

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - Soli - 2016-01-07

Great job. I like the 80s nostalgia lookBig Grin

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - mrfattbill - 2016-01-07

That is a nice looking room, well done.


RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - hdmkv - 2016-01-07

Thank you ... added & re-did most of the photos above.

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - brazen1 - 2016-01-08

Nice job. Did you consider bass shakers? Highly recommend.

RE: Kodi 3D Home Theater Set-Up - hdmkv - 2016-01-08

My audio knowledge isn't on par with the video side of things. You mean replace my sub w/something like those big SVS cylinder subs?

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