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No live TV on clients - Brumey - 2016-01-04

Sorry this is a repeat post. I can't see how to delete.

I am new to Kodi and Media center. I have managed to get everything running on a single machine. The Media
Portal server, TV guide, etc. my goal is live TV from remote clients (Nvidia Shield, Mac, Android smart phone).

My problem is that when I select TV on any of the remove clients, I get the guide, select a channel and then I see a loading message. It then times out and no live video. Same symptoms on all clients runing Kodi.

Can anyone point me to the logical cause or fix.



RE: No live TV on clients - mcelliott - 2016-01-06

Have you installed the Kodi plugin on the TV server?

Without logs, no-one will be able to help you. We can't guess what is going on, and you don't even say what Kodi version you are using.

RE: No live TV on clients - margro - 2016-01-14

Note that for an remote client, you need to share your Timeshift and Recording folders and make sure that Kodi can access them. Otherwise the addon won't work.

See also: Kodi wiki - MediaPortal PVR addon

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