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- Gamester17 - 2007-09-04

rootyb Wrote:is there some "no pr0n" taboo?
Nope. Who doesn't like porn, everything is good in moderation Wink

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Just checkin. I know I've looked for adult scripts in the past, and didn't see any, so I figured there might be some unspoken (or even spoken) rule about it.

Good to know I was wrong. Smile

- Gamester17 - 2007-09-04

There has been A LOT of suggestions and requests for more 'XXX' adult oriented scripts but no scripter has stepped up before.
...maybe it is time those people got together and made a an "Adults Only!" script for XBMC for a collection of such sites, and that way parents only have to delete one script from the Xbox instead of editing a multitude of scripts to remove the adult/pr0n parts from them Rolleyes

EDIT: I searched and ooba script used to contain links to free6.com and iFilm script can be edited to display censored trailers

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Weeeell, once I actually figure out HOW I got the PronShare channel to work, I'll probably end up making some more "adult" channels.

One problem that I see is that XOT is kind of designed for movies/tv shows, where there are specific categories. Seems like most of the porn video sites don't really have much in the way of categories.

Ah well. Time to learn some Python and make it work. Everybody loves boobies!

- Basje - 2007-09-04

There is no Porn/Pron taboe, so don't worry. I do however, have a personal opinion on the matter. So let me explain:

From the start on, I intended XOT-Uzg (aka. Uitzendinggemist.v2) to be script that everyone, young and old, could use for XBMC. Many channels/programms are child related or family related. That is why I personally don't work on pron channel scripts.

However, XOT has grown and now allows third-party channels. That is a good things, as now more ppl can enjoy my beautifull script. However, this also causes me to loose grip on what kind of channels are made.

So the statement: I do not encourage pron channels for XOT, but I will not (and cannot) forbid it. However, I will not take any responsibility for the content of these channels nor for the results of watching them.

So the rules:
  1. Make as many channels as you want
  2. Please stick to the chn_class.py inheritance. So DON'T modify that file, but make the channel work with the most recent version of chn_class.py
  3. Please keep in mind that everyone, even children could download and install the channel
  4. I won't host porn channels on my XOT-UZG google page, I will however make a WIKI with links to channels. There I will place those, with extra information and warnings. So mail me the links and description.
  5. Normal channels, I will host on my XOT-UZG google page, please mail me the files.
  6. If a porn channels has any kind of illegal video footage, I will remove the links of the site.
  7. Additional rules could be placed on my XOT-UZG google page, so please check those before publishing your channel.

rootyb Wrote:Not sure about how to find .flv URL's for media in flash-based players, though (like Youtube, redtube, etc). Is it fairly easy?
Please check your PM's. I will send you some info on redtube and FLV's!

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Great, thanks Basje!

Question: How hard would it be to add parental locks to the framework? As in, channels can have a rating level associated with them, and if the script's current rating level is lower than the rating of the channel, it won't open without a password.

Of course, this could pretty easily be circumvented by anyone with ftp access to the xbox and a text editor, but I'm willing to bet that:
1) Most kids won't know how to make the change and watch the restricted material on their (I'm assuming) parents' xbox
2) If they DO know enough to do this, they could just as easily view the content on their computer.

- Gamester17 - 2007-09-04

Many other scripters of these types on collections scripts feel the same way as Basje, (like the ooba and iFilm authors), they don't mind porn in others scripts but they don't want porn in their own script, (which we should respect), and that is why I think it would be better with a new separate script for all adult only material (porn).

Since XOT-UZG is licensed under GPL someone like rootyb can simply copy that whole script, tweak it for porn only channels and release it under a different name, ...as long as he or she credits Basje according to the rules under the GPL (so in the code comments and in the readme for the script) and include a copy of the license.

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Not a bad idea. Would probably be better to keep the two scripts/channel packages completely separate, so that users don't have to worry about their kids/significant others/etc stumbling onto their streaming porn stash.

Probably easier to implement a password for a whole script, too, than just individual channels.

- Gamester17 - 2007-09-04

default password "666" as porn is the devils work?, hehe

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Haha, sure. And, block people from setting the password to "6969", 'cuz that's gonna be everybody's first guess. Wink

- Basje - 2007-09-04

Besides my prior remarks, I would also like to stick to the XOT Framework in this thread. Please discuss adult content scripts in a different thread.

- rootyb - 2007-09-04

Ack, yeah. Sorry. Didn't mean to hijack. Wink

- Gamester17 - 2007-09-04

Me neither, I apologize; sorry.

- rootyb - 2007-09-05

Future feature request:

Show channel names somewhere on the channel list. If enough channels pop up, it could get hard to remember which icons go to which channels.

- Basje - 2007-09-05

rootyb Wrote:Future feature request:

Show channel names somewhere on the channel list. If enough channels pop up, it could get hard to remember which icons go to which channels.

Yep, that is on the todo list. There should be a description underneath the left icon (the one that shows up when you highlight a channel) and the name should come under the icon in the channel panelview.

It is on the todo for the final 2.70 version.

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