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[Kodi 16 Jarvis] XML noobie help - xAyx - 2016-01-08

Hello friends

I'm translating Eminence 2 skin to hebrew and I need little help with XML code.
I managed to align the "label" to the right but no luck align second label to the left (label 2).
Someone has a solution?

The code:

<!-- Startup Video -->
<control type="button" id="9611">
<onclick condition="IsEmpty(Skin.String(StartupPlaylist))">Skin.SetFile(StartupPlaylist,.mp4|.avi|.mkv|.xvid|.wmv|.mov|.xsp|.mp3|.wma|.flac|.m3u)</onclick>
<onclick condition="!IsEmpty(Skin.String(StartupPlaylist))">Skin.Reset(StartupPlaylist)</onclick>

An image of the problem:

Thanks in advance

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