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How to handle Rom Hacks and others - karl_87 - 2016-01-15


Before I start I would once again like to thank garbear for his work, can't wait for this!

I have a layout/organisation question...

Lets looks at SNES as an example
I expect most people will have a list of NTSC games, which presumably they will download the box art/info and all look pretty. I'm one of these people but would like to include other roms as well. I have a lot of Super Mario World hacks, but wouldn't want them to download box art or fill up my list. So my question would be could I somehow click on Super Mario World on the main list, get all the pretty box art etc, and then click another button called something like "Alternate versions" or "Hacks" and it brings up a folder/list full of roms and hacks that I have put in there. Even better would be a Patch button, and it loads up a folder full of IPS patches for Super Mario World and then it applies the patch to the rom on the fly. This will allow people to download great patches from somewhere like RomHacking and not have to pre-patch the roms first - using extra space.

Another way of doing this, would be when you first click to go in to SNES, its allows you to enter folders/categories, before you see a list of roms. This will allow us to have an NTSC category, PAL category, Hacks Category etc. Then you can scan the NTSC category for box art etc like you normally would, and leave perhaps the JAP or Hacks category's as just a list with no extra info. Obviously for people that didn't want this the feature could be turned off

Hope I've explained myself well and I would love to know other peoples thoughts. Big Grin

RE: How to handle Rom Hacks and others - natethomas - 2016-01-15

It would make sense for the library to be able to handle different versions of the software, considering the existence on many console devices of different region versions.

I don't have any opinion about rom hacking, but once multiple versions are supported, I'd guess there'd be no great difficulty in including whatever you wanted.

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