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ShowMax add-on request - stephanvanzyl - 2016-01-17

Hi everyone

I'd like to find out how I go about asking someone here to create a Video Add-on for a service we have here in South Africa? The website is ShowMax.com. At this stage the only way to view the content is via Android and iOS app and through web browser. It will be easier through Kodi.

Any suggestions?

RE: ShowMax add-on request - Aksieman - 2016-06-24

Yes Please. It will really be nice to be able to use Kodi for ShowMax

RE: ShowMax add-on request - DarrenHill - 2016-06-24

Thread moved to add-on requests

RE: ShowMax add-on request - wi11iam - 2016-09-12

Upvote!! Big Grin

RE: ShowMax add-on request - Mikepentz - 2016-11-10

This is a big one for us!

Can anyone assist?

RE: ShowMax add-on request - Stoffie82 - 2017-07-02

Any news regarding such an addon?

RE: ShowMax add-on request - tjunyat - 2017-09-17

Upvote! Any news regarding this addon feature?

RE: ShowMax add-on request - Nishaan - 2017-09-26

Upvote! Im am willing to do the Dev work if Kodi can assist

RE: ShowMax add-on request - Vinkie - 2017-11-10


RE: ShowMax add-on request - Houtkabouter - 2017-11-29

(2017-09-26, 14:37)Nishaan Wrote: Upvote! Im am willing to do the Dev work if Kodi can assist
Bump. I see there is a basic one on Githob.I installed it on my Rpi3 KOdi Krypton and it connects and search works but I can tseem to log in. Perhaps here is a good place to start. Please keep me updated and I'll help where I can. I can code for microcontrollers, but this is a bit over my head Smile


RE: ShowMax add-on request - matthuisman - 2018-08-16

Here you go:

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