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RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - PX80 - 2017-02-19

(2017-02-19, 06:09)Papo1980205 Wrote: Where can I get latest version of skin for krypton.TIA

from beta repository. check first posting.

@Topic: any suggestion on how to disable the background picture permanently?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - cookerrr - 2017-02-19

I've noticed when editing a smart playlist, that the order button is a bit screwy. The word descend is there in the dialog, when you click to change it to ascend, the word descend doesn't disappear and they overlap each other. Very small bug, but just letting you know :-) Thanks so much for this awesome skin!

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - phrozen - 2017-02-19

Anyone else having issues with the game controller dialog coming in 17 / latest Titan beta?

When Kodi notices a new controller and tells me to map it, or when I go to settings->system->input->Configure Attached Controllers I get nothing. Hear the UI sound play, but nothing ever comes up.

Looking in the logs, I see this message:

ERROR: Unable to load:/home/pi/.kodi/addons/skin.titan.kryptonbeta/1080i/DialogGameCon
Line 0

That message looks odd.. it appears to be truncated to me. Regardless, looking in listed file system location there is indeed no DialogGamesCon or anything that looks suitable for the game controller mapping in the dialog section.

Is this a TODO portion of the beta? Should I revert back to a different skin, then set up my controllers and then re-install the titan beta?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - lopezdaz - 2017-02-19

Just started using Titan and am using the Beta. Awesome skin! Question: Are Custom commands available for Menu and Submenu shortcuts? I do to see this as an option.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-15, 19:41)cookem Wrote: seems like a kodi bug then that it is not following the advancedsettings.xml to hide empty series (i have this set to true)

<hideemptyseries>false</hideemptyseries> <!-- set to "true" to hide empty series in the video library and prevent empty series from being removed during a library cleanup. -->

Isn't this option now moved to the settngs section ? So, no longer needed to adjust with the advancedsettings file ?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Sea Monkey - 2017-02-20

Since upgrading to Krypton, I've had a lot of menu items on the titan theme display with no text. I tried upgrading to 3.7.45 BETA, but still having issues. It seems a lot more prevalent on my Linux machine than in Windows, but it happens with both.


RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-15, 20:59)Simograndi Wrote: I've just tried using default English language, but it still happens. Some cache issue?

Seems to be a kodi bug indeed, I could easily reproduce it.
The issue is that the default font setting isn't set for the additional users, leaving the skín's font empty.
For your additional user(s), just go to settings --> appearance and set the font once to correct the issue.
Can I also ask you to report this issue to the Kodi team ?

(2017-02-15, 20:59)Simograndi Wrote: I know in fact this is strange. I have that option enabled BTW, and with different LY is working

It will be fixed in next update

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-15, 22:44)teedo42 Wrote: 1. I am now unable to access extended info period. The screen doesn't open, an error message pops up. If I access the regular Kodi cast, it no longer opens. I am now at version 3.7.45.

2. In the media library, I am unable to change the view on some movies. I cant get the fanart to display, just landscape art. I have the option set to prefer fanart. Some will change but most wont.

1. That would be an issue with extendedinfo script, not the skin. Capture a kodi logfile with the error and post it in the extendedinfo support thread to get help. It might also be a good idea to remove extendedinfo including settings and reinstall it.

2. Please make a screenshot of the issue so I know exactly what view and/or image you're talking about.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-16, 00:37)jasn Wrote: This may be a key mapping problem for MS remotes but the lack of the "back" tab at the top of the Music Category Subfolders will not allow you to return to the main menu.

1. From Music the Categories appear, including a "back" tab.
2. Choose a Category along the upper part of the screen: say Artist;
3. Go to the top of the Artist menu and select the "back" tab of three dots;
4. The menu kicks you back into the Category list, not the Main Menu, but you cannot get out of this list by continuing to press a remote back button. You must use the "esc" key on a keyboard. There is no "Back" tab to press either.

If there was a "back" tab at the top of the Category list in Step 3 above you could choose that to return to the Main Menu, but one does not exist. Also, I do not see this problem in Movies.

Those 3 dots is not a "back tab" but it is "Go one level Up"
If you want to go back you should use the back button on your remote or the backspace key on your keyboard.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-16, 01:20)oattes Wrote: It's definitely enabled, but the option does not appear in the OSD/Music settings.

Be patient, building the walls can take some time. You can follow progress in the kodi log.
Once initial building is done, the option you're talking about will appear again.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-16, 21:43)Saed Wrote: The OSD logos on the playback of a movie sent from the main menu do not play correctly when you have half a view (for example 57%)
However if you play it from the movies section, you do not have this problem.

Is this with normal library content ? Or are you using some streaming addons which we do not support here ?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-16, 22:20)snarfo Wrote: Is there way to enable a widget with Recent TV Channels in the PVR section? I found that handy since I generally only watch a handful of channels anyway and it was convenient to have them on the home screen in a widget instead of having to go into the channel guide and find them there.

No, sorry as there is no way to retrieve that info from the Kodi json api.
If I find a way to work around that I will add this feature request.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-17, 03:16)onesane Wrote: Absolutely love the skin Marcel! I've been using and customizing the beta version for krypton obsessively the past week or so. Wonder if you could help me troubleshoot a problem I'm having...

Windowed trailers on the media info page are not working properly for me whether it's set to autoplay or normal. The movie poster goes away and the video box appears as it would to begin windowed play, but it's just a black screen. After a few seconds, the loading icon appears briefly just before the video switches to full screen mode. But in this full screen mode, the video is still windowed-sized and in the position it would've been. Like a tiny window in a huge black background.

The trailer video itself plays normally, audio/visual-wise. Although tiny and to the right, like I said. If I press back, it returns to the library view - just like it would had it played in normal full screen mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am on the latest beta release, by the way (the one that updated yesterday). And this problem was happening before that most recent update, if that's important.

Well, I've heard this issue before but I was never able to reproduce it. On my setups it's working correctly.
Maybe you can help me to narrow it down.

Can you please tell me which if the trailer options are giving issues ?
In skin settings --> Media Library views --> Default action for trailers
Please try them one-by-one and let me know which one works and which one doesn't.

Also, does the issue occur if you press the button for trailer manually ? Or if you press the fullscreen button while the trailer is already playing ?

Sorry for all these questions but without me being able to reproduce the issue I'm a bit in the dark here.

Can you also make a kodi debug logfile for the situation where this issue occurs ?


RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-17, 14:12)MediaGuy Wrote: Settings -> Skin Settings -> Configure shortcuts -> Edit menu shortcuts
That screens shows Movies at the top of the list but nothing shows in the home screen. (Movies is enabled)
How can I show the movie menu entry?
I can display Videos but to access them I have to go through several menu's everytime. No movie info is given and DVD images/folders don't work; only single file movies work.

You forgot to scrape your movies into the Kodi library.
That Movies entry will only show if your movies library is scanned with content.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-20

(2017-02-17, 14:21){{INX}} Wrote: Hi Marcelveldt, I have been using your skin for a long time and love it but since moving to Krypton I have an issue that keeps happening.
When I go to skin settings, most of the time the menu options are all just empty grey boxes but sometimes after a restart they work again.
I have also noticed that although the boxes have no text I can remember what some buttons do and for example, I open the edit menu shortcut screen to carry on what I am working on but when I try to make a smart shortcut to Emby folders all it gives me is a button that says '>' instead of 'Smart Shortcut'.. this is fixed once I restart and the menus all show again.
I have checked and all addons are up to date as well as Kodi Stable.

Do you have multiple profiles ? I just discovered this as a possible Kodi bug.
Simple solution is to re-set the font for the skin: Settings --> Appearance --> Font

(2017-02-17, 14:21){{INX}} Wrote: Another thing, is it possible to have a sub sub menu option to allow me to tidy up the main screen?

I'm sorry but no as that would be too complex to code in Kodi.
Offcourse technically possible but really a lot of work for which I do not have time atm. I'll place it on my todo list for whenever I have s smart idea to do this with little efford (or have some magic extra time available).

(2017-02-17, 14:21){{INX}} Wrote: Is it possible to have the 5 day weather across the top of the home screen rather than a menu option?

I get the point but there's not enough room for that info. It will look very cluttered.
You can enable the weather in the header which will show the actual weather.

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