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RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Charger - 2017-02-23

I have had a look through this thread but can't see anyone else with the same issue.

Some of my thumbnails will appear as black in my movies. This applies to my genre icons (stored locally) as well as my movie posters (located on NAS. I can't reproduce this problem with any other skins and I have tried several remedies such as a clean install and deleting the textures db. The strange this is, if I go back to the main menu and go back into movies, it might be a different thumb, with the previously blacked one now working. There does not seem to be a regular pattern.

Any advice would be appreciated.


RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - himisk71 - 2017-02-23

Is there a chance to display radio differently than the rest of the music?
When you look at my screenshot, there are

1) the radio logos not in the normal cd-cover-format. can i disable the rotating cd so only the logo is displayed?

2) the information displayed is wrong, the radio station is named n-joy and it will display "megan joy" Tongue where does the information come from? from the radio rds? then it will not work on radio as on the other stations it will display nothing.. but i think this has nothing to do with the skin..


pvr backend is tvheadend, maybe this is relevant.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Carcharius - 2017-02-23

Updated my NUC to LibreELEC 8 last night.

Went to install 3.7.x beta from your repo and on clicking install nothing happened. Tried a few times, even after a reboot and had the same result.

I got no on screen error and because it was getting late I didn't get round to pulling a log.

I was able to install the stable 3.7.x from the Kodi repo though.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-23

(2017-02-21, 06:14)phrozen Wrote: No problems at all. I can test if you'd like; I'm not familiar at all with Kodi theme development or I'd have offered to help Sad

I was able to work around the issue quite easily: Simply revert back to Estuary theme, and then configure my controllers. Once that's done I just revert back to Titan Beta and everything was where I left it, only now my game pads work. 10 minute affair.

OK, noted on my todo list. Once I have something I might reply to you to give it a test.
For now the workaround is indeed to temporary switch to another skin to configure the controller.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Momo90 - 2017-02-23

Great skin! Is it possible to display the live tv epg as widget on the homescreen? I think the estuary mod uses this widget right after installsing the skin

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - chocco - 2017-02-24

Hi, thanks very much for the excellent skin! I've been floating back and forth between the beta and the krypton release versions and the only thing I noticeably miss in the main version from the beta is the ability to put the rotten tomatoes and meta critic information on the front movie screen (Netflix view) next to the imdb rating. It's available via the extended info, but I really like the way in the beta that it immediately appears on the Netflix movie main screen. Is that exclusive to the beta or can it be activated through the main krypton release? Thanks!

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-24

(2017-02-21, 10:06)PX80 Wrote: @marcelveldt: When i start kodi, titan skin loads the front widget which doesnt contain information at startup, so the top right corner displays the background - which i find ugly - [netflix2 style]

Solution: since background changes are not permanent [ after rebooting my fire tv it fall back to global_blue.jpg ] i replaced the picutre with a logo if mine to resolve it.

Will be fixed in next update of the skin.

(2017-02-21, 10:06)PX80 Wrote: Different Topic: When selecting a Show or Videos, it happens to me that the cursor/navigation [ fire tv ] highliths the Scrollbar but not the content, so i have to move the cursor back to the shows/movie to brwose them
Hmmm, I can't reproduce this one. Does it happen with normal Kodi library content ? Did you disable any views or enabled the forced view function ?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-24

(2017-02-21, 15:20)saustark Wrote: I can confirm PX80s issue, as i have the same problem. If i select "none" as global background and save the settings it falls back to the default blue background image after reboot. The "none" selection is (in my opinion) the best looking option for the netflix2 layout at startup and while browsing the main menu. Selecting a plain black image as global background is working for me, but it still doesn't look that nice than selecting "none".

Issue will be fixed in next beta update

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - chuckhammerberry - 2017-02-24

I installed the skin from krypton and it works great but I created some widgets from adons and they are not working as intended

widget that is working

"addon name" -----> movies ------> trending = works when clicked on
"addon name" -----> TV Shows -----> trending = nothing loads or opens when clicked on
"Plex" = doesn't open when clicked on etc

any ideas?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-24

(2017-02-21, 23:26)teedo42 Wrote: The media library view is panel details. The image that I am referring to is the large thumbnail. This image will not change from landscape art. After selecting an image in the choose fanart menu it remains on the landscaped image.

Got it, will be fixed in next update

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-02-24

(2017-02-22, 05:43)oattes Wrote: There is still some kind of logic error in the background_updater.py. At first, I thought it was an 'off by one' error, but now I think it's more subtle. Experimenting with a very low value of 'prefetch_images' suggests that the problem might be:
Hmmm, I see. I'll put a small fix in place. Please test with next version.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - aptalca - 2017-02-24

Hi Marcel,

Just wanted to say that apart from creating and maintaining an awesome skin, you also do a great job with support and feature requests. Kudos to you man!


RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - stravic - 2017-02-24

Hey guys. So what's the most recent version of the titan skin?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Cyku007 - 2017-02-24

Would be Great if i could change in netflix view 2 the Widget aspect. Some addons do not have fanarts especially German Addons.
I want change some widgets to Poster view but want that widgets from Exodus stay with fanart view.

Sorry for my english Big Grin

Edit: here 2 pictures of my request/Problem http://imgur.com/a/4fjEL

On the first picture First row where stands "xstream" i want this row in Poster style
The Rest should be like the Second picture in netflix view

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Tokyo25 - 2017-02-24

Love Titan, simply the best Big Grin but I try to make a shortcut to liveTv on Kodi 17 but impossible! Any idea what I'm making wrong ? Tried on confluence and no problem!

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