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RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - brazen1 - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 00:08)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-03-05, 21:59)brazen1 Wrote: I thought this was fixed but it returned for me also. Not on all submenus. Only the top one. The first two submenu items don't show any text. They do function, just no text. Submenu items after the first two do show text. They function also.

Maybe you can create a screenshot of the issue. Also see my previous request, maybe someone with this issue can provide me a skinbackup so I can test with the exact same skinsettings.

Titan backup and screenshot link in your PM.
Thanks for looking.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Qwijibo - 2017-03-07

Hi, since this update the System info widget is showing "Network is not connected" even though it is.
Not sure what changed this?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - MrGenius1 - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 00:25)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-03-06, 06:12)MrGenius1 Wrote: First I want to say thank you for ALL your hard work! This skin is amazing! I think I found a UI issue or I'm missing the settings on where to adjust this. In the picture I included I circled my issue. "Next Episode" is hidden behind the shows. Is this a UI thing or me?

small bug. Fixed in next update


RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - dmakk - 2017-03-07

Hi marcelveldt. I appreciate all of the hard work you've put in this skin, and it's just about perfect for my needs. I'm trying to have the Large Poster view appear for Advanced Emulator Launcher, then modify the view to look better with 460x215 Steam grid icons. I've edited the views.xml in the extras folder for type=all to have the view appear for this addon, and while it appears in the view options for programs, that view doesn't work for AEL specifically. It works with other programs with no issues. I'm a novice at this, and I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - Fake Healer - 2017-03-07

Everything on my end is working great. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the skin. Just a quick question. When the skin comes out of Beta and goes Official, will I have to uninstall the Beta to use the official? The best skin I have ever used!!! Thanks again for creating this!!!!!!

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - aptalca - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 03:16)kjb85 Wrote: Hi, since this update the System info widget is showing "Network is not connected" even though it is.
Not sure what changed this?
To add to this, when I go into system info window, it does show the correct network info. Just the widget shows no network

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - lopezdaz - 2017-03-07


First - fabulous skin; simply the best for those who want to create a build but don't want to also edit code. I've worked MANY years - first as an engineer and now as a business director - for a top international corporation that creates software and hardware for the aerospace industry. I know high quality work and attention to detail when I see it.

I humbly suggest two items that would add significant versatility to this skin: segregate the focus color for home tiles and widgets, and allow the focus text to be made bolder or bigger (or both) in the low horizontal layout as you automatically do in the vertical layout. Doing the former allows the Builder to use a combination of text color and shading to create a whole new dimension of appearances. Of course you know it can be done now by turning off the color of the option but then highlights on widgets are lost. But segregating these would allow the builder to retain color to the home tile but fade it while preserving widget highlight with no fade. Then, allowing the focus font to be bold (or bold and bigger) would simply make the focus text pop.

I understand that you've been busy as I've seen the version numbers counting up. Just some food for thought from someone whose been around high quality work for many years. I've sampled many of the other skins as I considered which to use to create a build for myself and I love what you've created. These two noted changes would make this skin absolutely perfect. However, regardless of whether you to make the functional changes or not, you should certainly change your title from Skilled Skinner to Master Skinner in my book. I'm truly impressed.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - badkarmaboy - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-06, 23:41)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-03-05, 18:37)badkarmaboy Wrote: FEATURE REQUEST: Allow "Don't show animated Disc-Art" when using "Slim OSD-Panel"
Currently animated Disc-Art can only be disabled when using the default OSD.

You mean for music, right as the slim OSD doesn't have discart for video content ?
And do you want the entire discart to be gone or just the animation?

Yes, I mean for music. I would prefer to hide the complete Disc-Art and just show the Cover. I think it's like that when using the Full OSD, no?
Sorry for being so vague on the initial write up.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - jinux - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 00:26)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-03-06, 11:43)jinux Wrote: I realy like the "random pictures background" to set as "general background" for the skin. Is there an option anywhere, where I can set folders to point to for the random images to be shown. Or is there anyway to configure this? I am searching for an answer quite some time now, but do not seem to find anytrhing for configuring. Anyone?¿

Assuming you're on the beta version of the skin:

Skin Settings --> Supported Addons --> Skin Helper Backgrounds --> click to configure
Select folder for random image background
Yes on beta, thanks again [emoji2]

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RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - dubbud - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 00:09)marcelveldt Wrote:
(2017-03-06, 05:54)dubbud Wrote: Just wanted to know whether it is easy to "justify" the format of the summary of the TV show/movie. Currently it is left aligned.

Hmmm, it should be justified, strange. I'll look into it.
EDIT: and yes it is in the code and on my testsetup. What version of the skin are you running ?

Thanks marcelveldt. I am running the beta version installed via the link on the first post. I have attached the screenshots. If there is no fanart, then the writing is justified. However if there is fanart, the writing is left aligned.



RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - maxifullmedia - 2017-03-07

I detect some strange behavior in the way acting skin helper getting actors
I use a portable version kodi krypton to make tests with nfo files and accidently make a mistake and add wrong actors to a movie.
When I fix it and delete de DB estuary skin show me the correct fixed actors ok, but titan still show me the old actors. No matter what I do the actor cast not update

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - eengert - 2017-03-07

I have been using Titan Beta, but I switched to another skin to check on something, and then back to Titan Beta. When I did that, it reset my menu shortcuts to the defaults and I lost all my menu settings (widgets, submenus, etc.). Is it supposed to do that?

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-06, 19:04)borenson Wrote: I find on the movie hub shortcut only the first widget works. Thanks

Will be fixed in next update, thanks

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-06, 23:55)chris3g2 Wrote: Hi,

Is there an option to hide empty widget rows in the Krypton beta ? I thought I saw something about it in the Jarvis beta thread, but can't find any way to do it.

The main use case is to have a widget row for in-progress media but not have an empty space when nothing is in a partially watched state.

No, that's not possible. My tip would be to use the "in progress and recommended" widget instead of just in progress. In that case it will show any in progress items first but if there are none, it will show some recommended items.

RE: Titan skin version 3.7.x (Kodi 17 Krypton) - User 224999 - 2017-03-07

(2017-03-07, 00:00)Simograndi Wrote: Hi, with last beta I can't scroll home menu with touchscreen input (Windows 10), I'm using big horizontal modern LY. Please give it a look, it worked fine until now.
Did you test with latest version ? A few days back there was an issue causing the widgets to overlap with the mainmenu.
If it still happens, please test with "auto show widgets" disabled.

(2017-03-07, 00:00)Simograndi Wrote: Also may I remember you to add touch buttons to vertical home menus? Thx!
Still on my TODO list for next major version (after this one is released)

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