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Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-01-30

I hope this isn't a bother to Malthus or anyone else, but I thought I'd start a feature request thread as to not clog up the main thread.

I think the "Banners List" is the best view for TV Shows. However, I've noticed at the bottom of the page, the top arc covers a fair amount of both the left and right banners. I would like to request this be reduced. It is fine to cover some of. As it is right now, I feel it takes up too much space. If it doesn't change, it's not a big deal. Just a minor aesthetic request . Thank you.

RE: Feature Request - Malthus - 2016-02-02

Damac10 requested on 2015-11-04 08:58:
Quote:Hopefully custom background and skin shortcuts...

The custom backgrounds for the Home Menu were added in Revolve 3.1.0, the last release for Kodi Isengard. Maybe in the far future I'll add custom backgrounds for the Settings Menu and the Exit Menu.

I don't know if the Skin Shortcuts merge very well with the current Home Menu. I tried to add Skin Shortcuts in the Gotham or Helix version, but it didn't work out very well. Now that I have some more skinning experience, I might try it again.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-02-02

Feature Request: More "On-Black" themes, possibly adding "On-Grey" or just allowing the user to choose their own primary and secondary colors. This was a request from my wife. The white "hurts her eyes".....and the black is "too dark". lol. Feel free to tease. I probably said it all to her already. lol

RE: Feature Request - Malthus - 2016-02-02

I'll probably add some more "On-Black" themes in the Revolve for Jarvis, and maybe "On-Grey" themes are a good idea too.

I've been working on letting users choose their own colors, but this was hindered by a bug in Kodi. The bug was solved in August 2015, so maybe I'll try it again in the future.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-03-03

Any chance you could put a show's airdate and rating in it's info secton?

Also, I see the current weather summary in the subtitle part of the weather section in the main menu. Just an idea, maybe put the current weather inside the main circle?

RE: Feature Request - Malthus - 2016-03-09

Now that there is a new Revolve-release, I figured it was time to look at the feature requests for the next Revolve. I've made a summary of the feature requests, and their status. Please let me know if you miss anything, or have a new request.

Reduction of the arc in the Banners-view
(2016-01-30, 17:46)Borg-101 Wrote: I think the "Banners List" is the best view for TV Shows. However, I've noticed at the bottom of the page, the top arc covers a fair amount of both the left and right banners. I would like to request this be reduced.
Attempted to solve this in Revolve 4.0.1. If you focus on one of these lower banners, the arc moves a little downward so that the banners are more visible. I'll consider this feature request completed until Borg-101 tells me otherwise. Big Grin

More color options
(2016-02-02, 04:15)Borg-101 Wrote: Feature Request: More "On-Black" themes, possibly adding "On-Grey" or just allowing the user to choose their own primary and secondary colors.
Custom colors where added to Revolve 4.0.1.

The show's airdate and rating in it's info section
I've added some more information to the video-information dialog and the PVR-information dialog. I think that I'm showing everything that I can, now, but if you miss something please let me know.

(2016-03-07, 08:14)vile80r Wrote: I don't know how hard it is to implement something like that and maybe it's not a feature a lot of users are requesting so if it's not worth the effort to implement it, I understand. But, the links to the add-on and the source files on Github can be found at http://cordcutting.com/kodi-addon/plugin-program-autocompletion/
This doesn't look very difficult to add, and I'm planning to do some more work on add-ons for the next Revolve, so I'll add this in the next Revolve-release.

Maybe put the current weather inside the main circle
This is somewhere on my possible feature-list, but I'm still wondering how to do this. Don't expect this feature very soon.

Skin shortcuts
It is somewhere on my list of possible features, but it doesn't have any priority so I don't know when (or if) I'll add it.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-04-23


I apologize for being absent from the forums. I recently started a new job and it has been crazy hectic. I did notice the drop down in the TV Shows.....awesome! And my wife and I are both loving our custom green and black color selection. Much more pleasing to our eyes than the red and not killer bright on our eyes like the white. Thank you again for implementing those features!! I'll probably be donating in the very near future, not only for all your hard work, but as a personal thank you to listening to not only me, but the community. I will always support active communities who are clearly in it for something bigger than themselves. That is definitely you my friend.

Please continue to keep up the excellent work!! Smile

RE: Feature Request - Malthus - 2016-05-11

Borg-101, thank you for your post and congratulations with your new job! Input from users like you is invaluable for skin development. I'd been using Kodi/XBMC for quite some years before I started skinning, but thanks to this community I learned about many uses and options that were unknown to me.

I haven't done much for Revolve in the last couple of weeks because I was busy with my work too (I even missed your post, I'm sorry for that). I hope that I can find some time to complete Revolve for a final Jarvis-release before I adapt the skin for Kodi Krypton. If you really need a feature in Revolve, now is the time to say it.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-07-01

None that I can think of that hasn't already been mentioned. The "predictive" keyboard feature has already been mentioned, and everything else I've asked for has been implemented. FYI....I love green on black color scheme. It looks great in bright daylight and wonderful at night. Maybe something to fill the main wheel similar to recently added tv episode and movies. Maybe recently added/played games or something. It looks a little bare but certainly not bad.

I'm very eager to see what you have in store for Revolve with Krypton. I was thinking about installing it but the last time I did a beta release it messed up my whole setup.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2016-09-09

I'm not sure if I'm just this much of a noob, or if it's because I'm tired, or both.....But is there a way to change the default view for a certain type of field? For instance, if I changes my shows to banners, that's fine. Then I'll go into one season and change it to Landscape List and all tv shows with seasons are Landscape List. With movie sets, however, this does not happen. I would like to set my default for movie sets to landscape list and was unable to do so. Any pointers, or could this feature be implemented in a future build?

RE: Feature Request - k9dog - 2016-10-20

I think a way to make feature requests without clogging up main thread is a very good idea. I am not sure if anyone asked for exactly what I want to ask, but I seen a lot of requests involving something similar. I would like to see some double buffering in Kodi. I am not sure if it's been implemented, but my impression is it hasn't. I got a 100MBit internet connection and 1Gbit internally and I still see buffer goes empty. I know there is other factors in the network that can pull down the speed, but I got a feeling that it currently is using one buffer that isn't filled as a high priority before the time where it runs out. I'd like to see this behavior using 2 buffers that just switch roles. One should download as fast as possible, other one should be used to play. They switch roles each time the current playing buffer have finished. Set it as an option or as default behavior.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2017-04-21

Just a quick question/idea (if I'm wrong and you can do this)....Is there any possibility of allowing widgets to some main wheel items? I can create custom commands and put widgets in, but I didn't see a way to put widgets into custom commands.....i.e. putting YouTube on the main wheel then having subscription updates show in the inner circle.

RE: Feature Request - Borg-101 - 2017-07-06

Two possible features to consider adding; 1. Genre search (i.e. comedy, family, action, animated, etc) and 2. And possibly add a small/large selector to panel list, where large would have two rows and small would have 3 rows.

PS This is still the best skin out there and I've converted a few of my friends from Aeon.

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