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tinyMediaManager - additional information thread - mlaggner - 2016-02-02

This thread contains a collection of additional information about tinyMediaManager

latest stable build
other builds

Command line arguments
tinyMediaManager can be started from the command line / by external tools for batch processing. The command line reference docs are available at GitHub

Our wiki is hosted at GitHub

There is also a FAQ inside our wiki

Scraper development
As of version 2.7 we provide an API for external developers to create third party scrapers. The API is located at GitHub

other builds - mlaggner - 2016-02-02

Similar to Firefox, we are building a 3-tier release strategy (nightly, prerelease, release) for tinyMediaManager now. Its goal is to find/fix bugs, before they hit the public.
While nightly builds are not stable enough to be used in a productive environment, the release is too late to test. This is, why we now introduce a new build, which is called the prerelease build. It is built a few days before we publish a new version and is rather stable.

you can find actual builds for the differents tiers in

To use another tier, it is recommended to "install" it to a separate folder.