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Scanning FTP source with "|auth=tls" not working - renzz - 2016-02-05

I have a remote FTP source which is of the form:

Server.domain.com:21/folder/|auth=tls" target="_blank" rel="noopener" class="mycode_url">ftp://USER:[email protected]Server.domain.com:21/folder/|auth=tls

When I set the Content to be "TV Shows" and try to update it, it will successfully scan the content into the library, but then when it does the Clean Library, it removes it all again! If I then do another library update, nothing is scanned in, with the log saying there have been no changes, even though none of the content is visible in KODI.

If I change the source to remove "|auth=tls" all works as expected. I think either the update or clean process is broken and may be treating the "|auth-TLS" as part of the filename, but I'm no expert and could be wrong.

I think this has been broken since Helix - I've only just updated to Isengard on my main Openelec box where it doesn't work, and I have been testing this on RC3 of Jarvis on my Windows PC, where it is still broken. The logs are from Jarvis.

Debug log for initial scan and clean of the source - http://xbmclogs.com/pwqyj1mdj
Debug log for subsequent library update - http://xbmclogs.com/pedww53nj

(I have edited these to remove username/password/server name)

RE: Scanning FTP source with "|auth=tls" not working - grml - 2016-06-30

Same problem here, is there a solution?

RE: Scanning FTP source with "|auth=tls" not working - renzz - 2016-07-23

This is STILL broken in Krypton Alpha 2 - please, please, please could someone take a look at this so we can hopefully get it fixed for the Krypton general release.

I've put the debug log at http://pastebin.com/jmTqax4H

This was Kodi starting with an empty video DB, adding the ftp source with "|auth=tls" on the end, scanning in the files, then doing a "Clean DB". Again, it pops up a box asking me what I want to do with the unavailable source (keep or remove). Again, it works ok if I don't use "|auth=tls" but this is insecure.

Also, I get the same issue using an https source with "|auth=anysafe" or "|auth=digest" on the end. It has to be a bug in the clean library code with how it handles the "|auth=xxx" on the end of the path.


RE: Scanning FTP source with "|auth=tls" not working - grml - 2016-11-02

No fix? :/

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