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FilmOn addon - rocko - 2016-02-09

Why is FilmOn not in the official addons? It's legit isn't it.


RE: FilmOn addon - Lunatixz - 2016-02-10

Someone needs to make a plugin first...

The current filmon plugins in circulation often bundle illegal links with the legal service.

RE: FilmOn addon - adcontheweb - 2016-04-09

Speaking as a filmon affiliate and newish kodi user, I found that the filmon pvr is included in the default pvr lineup when I installed Jarvis. Ignore the filmon add on plugins and just use the filmon pvr instead.

RE: FilmOn addon - jmh2002 - 2016-05-09

Spam advertising? I see you have spammed other threads too with the same post. Username that also breaks the forum rules maybe?

Also how is this helpful for a Kodi user? Is there even a Kodi addon?