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AeonFlex 1.0.2 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-10

We have created a new Skin AeonFlex (Views Based on Aeon), the skin is intended for Kodi-users who enjoy it even to certain maximum number of settings and to use a skin of the latest generation.

Likewise AeonFlex is interesting for users who have a well-maintained database with as many graphics, Thumbs, Poster, Banners, Artwork, etc.

The skin has been developed exclusively for Kodi Jarvis and should also come with a Jarvis or newer version used. The AeonFlex runs on all devices (except those which can only be operated via touchscreen) provided these support a version Kodi Jarvis. The music section is minimalistic.

Preparation and Installation


The skin can be operated using a keyboard or a remote (not by Touch or Mouse). These are absolutely necessary, the following keys of the standard keyboard controls are covered:

C = Contextmenu / AeonFlex (LiveTV- Channellist with mini EPG)
E = Live TV EPG/TV guide
I = Info
M = Playercontrols OSD / AeonFlex (OSD- und Info-Settings) / (LiveTV Settings)
Pfeile = left, right, up ,down (Navigation)
ESC = Previous Menu and/or Homemenu
Back = Back


Since the installation of the skins and the associated scripts and addons and specifically the SkinSettings much smaller towns than in many other skins take time. 30 minutes simply not enough.

The following files must be downloaded and installed via Settings / addons / From zip file:

Addons / scripts that are not included in the official repo

AeonFlex Skin link
Kodi Nerds Repo (SwitchTimer) link
MovieSet Artwork Automator link
Image Resource selection script link
Library Editor script link
script.skin.info.service link
Library Data Provider link
Fanart Grabber link

Attention: The addons and scripts have not been created by us.

Addons / scripts in the official repo contained

Artwork Downloader link
CinemaVision Add-on link
CinemaVision Launcher ["]
Artist Slideshow 1.3.0 addon link
script.extendedinfo link
Simple Playlist link
Language Flags Colour
Studio Icons Coloured
Weather Fanart Multi
Weather Icons xy

First Start


As in all other skins to navigate through the skin by means of the Arrow keys and Escape and Back. Differences to standard Navigation of Kodi are that from the Skinmenus not ESC or Back buttons must be used special with the Arrow keys all menus of the skins can be left resp. goes back to the previous window.

Configuration General

Once you have the skin plus all scripts and Addon needed for proper operation installed, execute please configuration according to the following steps. Important principle any incorrect setting can be undone to it in each setting window a Reset Settings button.

- Go To Skin AeonFlex
- assure you that under the PowerMenu Skinlevel is Advanced (if you go backe to Rookie, the Skin becoms a Speedup, but you can change only the Basicsettings))
- Back to KodiSettings and chose Theme and Fonts
- Switch to SkinSettings


Configuration SkinSettings:

Most settings are logical and self-explanatory and not unlike other skins. Here we only take on peculiarities.
- Open scripts and enable according to subsequent screens. If you fail to do this, Skinfunktions are partly limited or not available.
- Colors please choose one of the presets from the color settings, we go later separately, as the setting is not yet functional Discart

watch gallery

Configurations ViewSettings:

As should already be known (The Name say's Flex), has this skin through various additional settings for views. In addition to the standard that you can adjust various views, it is possible AeonFlex each view to your own taste in predetermined frame shape.

This is applicable easily handled by even a standard is already defined in all views. Which completely eliminated through you (hidden) or can be changed to suit your mood. Navigation is always with the arrow keys left, right, up and down, of course, with the subsequent confirmation of an action (Enter / Ok).

Depending on the orientation of the view you will reach with the left arrow key to the view where you edit either the view or change the view can (in addition to other functions) Menu

Let's start with the view lowlist an example for other views (The view was of course among the Skineinstellungen / view selection for movies unlocked his (is standard)

- In the view lowlist with left arrow opens the menu for views. The first option you see Change view (needs no explanation)
- Select Point Set view. Now you see various settings the first 6 should be clear to everyone and thus we dedicate ourselves equal to the two new Names. Wildcards and Fallback.

Wildcard = freely adjustable by up box / placeholder
Fallback = freely adjustable by up box / placeholder for the case that the selected under Wildcard selection is not available. (p.e. No Landscape in a film, so the skin is then selected fallback to)

- These features are available in each view in different ways, some views have more than others wildcards - / fallback positions, or other additional settings, such as transparency, etc. Check hiding

watch gallery

Available Views

watch gallery

Configuration Live-TV

- First open your you by pressing the [M], the Live TV menu and control the view of the channel list and ask this then also to your liking. The remaining settings are self-explanatory.
- Within the channel list, you can navigate with the arrow keys and there are two special features, channel groups and short channel lists

Channel groups = The exchange between the channel groups by means of the left arrow key (channel groups are not Skinspecific)
Short channel list = as short channel lists you can either one of the available channel groups or your own station list (configuration via Selected TV channels set as LiveTV widget) benefits, you do not you scroll through
interminable services list or move around within a channel list.

- Within the EPG's the key assignment for the menu is the same, so press the [M]
- Special / new function AeonFlex, the EPG if you click on an entry (if the TV menu / EPG / standard selection Action context menu was selected, otherwise press the [C]) is the Kontexmenu and there you see a new feature
switch timers.

The switchtimer does exactly what the description says it we switched at the selected time on the channel to the selected program automatically and no matter where you find yourself at this time within Kodi, ie even if you just
see a movie, listen to music or tust.Selbstreden nothing you will gain before switching a hint ... well, it is possible to remove already set timer again, to simply open via EPG Kontexmenu the switchtimers index and remove entry
click done ...

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Configuration Standarts and Infos on Playingscreen

Since the general and info displays are definable, it also needed because a few clicks. If you is this einstellst via SkinSettings automatically started a movie and you can set up 2 levels according to your needs.

- General = Because you put a which Info elements you at the start and at the moment during navigation of want to see playing a medium.
- Info dialog [I] = Here you can register for one of the 3 possible layouts decide and then additionally configure

Configuration SkinColors

In addition to the cases, the Watched flags and various other things can be the skin of course according to its own color ideas adapt, ie all textures, text, shadows, etc. can be provided with their own colors. There are respectively 132 different colors available.

- Changes in the SkinSettings for setting colors, here you already have five different color combinations to choose from. In order to introduce your own style resp coloring, it is easiest to choose one of the presets and then
open via color settings, the individual elements to your tastes change. Change you can:

- Background colors (background, color overlay, marker bar, transparency)
- Text colors (focus, selection, text)
- Dialog colors (contextual menu, etc)
- Frame (color to the artwork, Thumbs etc)
- Shadow colors

At the beginning, it is easiest to change times the main elements such as background and Textcolor. You'll notice that all the color adjustment settings are very extensive and it is worth it to invest time.

watch gallery


- Special thanks: to all employees. The Aeon Skin and its name are the intellectual property of djh_. AeonMQ and its name are the intellectual property of MarcosQui and AeonMQ team. AeonFlex other hand, has a separate
code and does not use textures of the more original Aeon / AeonMQ. A big thank you to Master djh_ and AeonMQ team for creating their masterpieces which served as a template. Likewise, we thank Samurai, Devilshura and
Ikaruz for the created cases and flags.

- The skin has many new developments incl. A completely new code. To name them all here is beyond the scope by far. The many gadgets you discover then already during operation .....
- The skin is the first version and has determined the one or the other improvement

if you like the skin you may us to donate a beer

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - qzem - 2016-02-11

Thanks for another great skin!

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - Ragnarok - 2016-02-11

Looks great! Thanks for including CinemaVision!

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-11

@qzem Thank you

@CinemaVision-Scott its a must have for a nice Movieevent at Home

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - futuro - 2016-02-12

Sorry for being off-topic but I just saw that you have Sky in your live tv channel list. Can you explain me how you got it working with Kodi? You can also PM me in German :-)


RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - Mario S. - 2016-02-12

Looks realy great Smile) god Job Big Grin
one question is there a wall view ??

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-12

(2016-02-12, 17:33)Mario S. Wrote: Looks realy great Smile) god Job Big Grin
one question is there a wall view ??

Yes two Wall Views

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - Mario S. - 2016-02-12

ok thx
i play a little bit with the skin Big Grin

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - kobyboy - 2016-02-13

Man this is loaded with FANTASTIC Features Great work looking forward to use . Great Work

AeonFlex 1.0.1 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-14

Thanks, now we work on a new home with with much free user settings

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - AnthonyJS02 - 2016-02-14

Loving skin so far. Couple things: how do I remove logo while movie playing, add a update library submenu item.

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-14

(2016-02-14, 02:37)AnthonyJS02 Wrote: Loving skin so far. Couple things: how do I remove logo while movie playing, add a update library submenu item.

- Play a Movies / Episode
- open the Player Settings (button M)
- Choose the Settingssysmbol
- there you can use the General and define one of the 3 Info View

watch gallery

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - freebs - 2016-02-16

hmm Nice job so far.. i like the lightness of it.
May I make on suggestion as a Live Tv user, it would be nice while in the EPG to have the info of each program you're on to show on the bottom of the EPG.
Also no channels icons are showing for me, unless I'm missing something.

Keep up the great work!!

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - pacoma2610 - 2016-02-16

(2016-02-16, 01:17)freebs Wrote: hmm Nice job so far.. i like the lightness of it.
May I make on suggestion as a Live Tv user, it would be nice while in the EPG to have the info of each program you're on to show on the bottom of the EPG.
Also no channels icons are showing for me, unless I'm missing something.

Keep up the great work!!

have you Setup your View inside LiveTV (Chanellist and EPG)? All Settings, the View, Wildcards, etc...

Channellogos you must define your Folder within the logos inside the LiveTV Settings, an then serch missing Logos

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.1 - kobyboy - 2016-02-16

Question, when I add say Programs to the Main Menu for quick access it will open and show me the list of programs but I can not with my remote scroll through and open like it would say Addons. Any solution or am I missing something in the settings?

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