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RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - lusephur - 2016-10-16

(2016-10-15, 19:49)halidri Wrote: The latest Kodi builds a to terrible for all skinners.
What? No it's not.
And the OP has removed the entire github repo. All he/she has left is a repo for a pvr addon.

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - pacoma2610 - 2016-10-16

We have changed a lot. In the startpost is the new downloadlink for version 1.0.2 Jarvis compatible.

For Krypton there is a new repo. We do not publish yet, because there is a bug in Kodi, which shows itself when a skine setting needs a reload

Link to jarvis Version https://www.dropbox.com/s/s51ou5v86rzs3xp/skin.AeonFlex-master.zip?dl=0

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - insomne - 2016-10-17

great skin, clean and beutiful

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - jdig4240 - 2016-10-27

This link is no good:
Kodi Nerds Repo (SwitchTimer) link

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - Tripp - 2017-01-20

I really would like to use this skin. I use Kodi on 16.1 on OS X using a mac remote. I can seem to do everything without a keyboard except actually PLAY a movie as no "play" option shows up anywhere in the settings/information screen of the movie/episode.

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - kobyboy - 2017-02-03

Great skin , but when will it be ready for Krypton version ?

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - pacoma2610 - 2017-02-06

Its ready for Krypton, is coming in the next view Days with Realease 2.0.1 Final for Krypton

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - Papo1980205 - 2017-02-15

Does this skin work I've clicked on link but say no link available

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - sciascia88 - 2017-02-16

Does this skin offer a vertical home menu?

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - Papo1980205 - 2017-02-16

Where can I get this skin please.. I click on link provided but it says it doesn't exist

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - XxJakeBluesxX - 2017-02-26

(2017-02-06, 15:41)pacoma2610 Wrote: Its ready for Krypton, is coming in the next view Days with Realease 2.0.1 Final for Krypton

The views days are over. I need this skin. Big Grin

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - Papo1980205 - 2017-03-18

Isbskin out yet

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - boydy71 - 2017-04-05

Looks the biz...any word on a release yet? Huh

RE: AeonFlex 1.0.2 - kobyboy - 2017-04-07

Any news on this release?

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