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Banned? - Aenima99x - 2016-02-18

Can an admin tell me why I've been IP-banned?
I can login to the forums from outside my home network, but get a "you've been banned" message from my home network.

RE: Banned? - peppe_sr - 2016-02-18

are you using a VPN, maybe is the IP used.

RE: Banned? - Aenima99x - 2016-02-18

No, not using a vpn

RE: Banned? - cd2022 - 2016-02-18

Are you able to release your home IP then obtain hopefully a different one?

RE: Banned? - da-anda - 2016-02-18

if you PM your IP I can have a look and remove it from the blacklist.

RE: Banned? - nickr - 2016-02-20

Maybe someone was spamming from your IP address

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