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- szsori - 2007-06-05

jonb2 Wrote:*Big snip*
A few things:
  • You're not grasping the difference between having XBMC running on your hardware as opposed to being officially supported. XBMC on Linux should run on pretty much anything that can run whatever base distro they select. However, that doesn't mean that you can get official support if you run into issues with your weird hardware.
  • The devs want to keep the loading time of the XBMC distro (yes, we're talking about a distro, not just frontend software) down, which means avoiding running things like hwprobe. They may chose to include it, but I suspect it will be optional in order to cut down on load times for people using "official" platforms.
  • You lost me with your 2nd point. You're the first person I've ever seen imply that support issues will go UP if support is restricted to a few proprietary systems. I think the only debate in this thread is whether the supported systems should be proprietary systems like AppleTV or reference hardware. I think officially supporting all hardware supported by linux is out of the question... it would be a nightmare for the devs.
  • The reason this is considered a distro is because they'll be chosing the packages and configurations they'll be supporting. They're actually programming a front-end, but when it's all done it will most likely be released as a full distro in Live-CD or USB key form. This has been implied by the devs and other people involved in the project.

In any case, I'm sure the developers understand all of the implications of all of this. They're smart folk. Can we stop going in circles already and just let them decide whatever they decide? Does this really need more discussion other than people suggesting some possible systems to use other than the AppleTV and Mac Mini?

- ultrabrutal - 2007-06-05

szsori, I agree 100% with what you're saying and I have yet to see any suggestions to a reference system or even alternatives to appletv/macmini etc. All I see is battering over support is limited to a few "closed" proprietary systems. I see the pros and cons and feel more strongly about the pros, probably because I'm not just an enduser. I develop software for a living too so I know the agony of supporting alot of different hardware and software

XBMC should be the shell or atleast an option. I do not need any other desktop or apps running

- ashlar - 2007-06-06

pike Wrote:On a happier note; Say Welcome to new member 'd4rk' who will help us with OpenGL coding on linuxport

Welcome d4rk!
Welcome d4rk and, above all, thank you for devoting some of your time and knowledge to the community.

Frankly I'm surpised by the sheer amount of bickering regarding the hardware to be supported. Jeez, Linux is known to be able to run on pretty much everything. Once there is a fully working port for selected hardware... anyone will be able (and IMHO surely will) to create versions for different platforms.

Even though the above is true, I beg everybody to remember that developers are doing this on their free time. If they feel like supporting (as in "answering questions and providing problem solving services) only a couple of clearly defined platforms... so be it! Two months ago there was no plan at all to have XBMC working on another platform and now we are arguing about petty stuff. Rejoice people, XMBC is gonna live on. This is good, you *must* be happy. Big Grin

No, really! Nod

- Jezz_X - 2007-06-07

Just because I can Nod
Don't go expecting too much from it yet but its nice to know its being worked on
Image Image

- jj5768(2) - 2007-06-07

Well, considering its only been ticking along for just over a month (there or there abouts from the start of this thread) - it certainly seems to be coming on a pace !

The log file doesnt give much away as to current status - but how is the video mplayer etc.. all coming along now ? Might be nice if the wiki is upadted with progress (thinking back to the cloured comparison chart of the different versions of xbmc vs player etc..) so that people who are interested can see progress and track whats still to do ??

I guess I should look into dual booting then :-)

Congrats on all the work so far - and a big thankyou !

- Jezz_X - 2007-06-07

At the moment its a pretty specific opengl linux only renderer that requires opengl 2.0 or over to be installed and uses our home built dvdplayer to do it mplayer has yet to be touched I think

For me its very laggy at the moment in fullscreen (under 20fps) but it has had no optimizations added to it at all yet and was more a see if it can thing but give it a couple of weeks i'm sure it will be rocking Smile plus d4rk knocked it up in only a couple of days

- seaweed - 2007-06-07

Great news Smile

Will there be a beta release in a few weeks for forum users to test out on various systems perhaps? Or will it be closed for non devs until version 1.0 ?

- Jezz_X - 2007-06-07

seaweed Wrote:Great news Smile

Will there be a beta release in a few weeks for forum users to test out on various systems perhaps? Or will it be closed for non devs until version 1.0 ?

anyone can use/try it you just need to point a svn client to the svn repo download it and make it on linux like it says in the instructions

- ProDoc - 2007-06-11

Hi guys,
it really looks great!!! Have been a XBMC user for about 4 years! And was one of the reasons why I purchased a PS3 (in the hope that you would make a simmilar version for this one as well), and now you did Smile
I have two questions:
Is there any chance that you will be working with the guys who made a lite version of Linux for the PS3, so that we easy and fast can enter PSMC Wink
Will there in a later time be support for the sixaxis?? Like on the Box?

Really good work guys, and If you need a betatester I set my PS3 to your disposal!!

- stuaxo - 2007-06-11

Very very cool.... I'm sure someone suggested it before me but...

Smile Smile Smile

- nikothebouriko - 2007-06-11


If I right understand, I can't try in darwine from mac os ? :/

- El Piranna - 2007-06-11

nikothebouriko Wrote:Hello

If I right understand, I can't try in darwine from mac os ? :/

No, Darwine no... but maybe the Win32 compile would run, but i would try a native compilation first. Maybe it works compiling it "in the unix way"... My iBook is broken, but you can try to install Fink and download the needed libraries or similar ones... I think it should work, or at least it would say some interesting error messages. In any case, it will be an X11 Darwin app, not a MacOS X app. For this you need to compile it using XCode, and... well... there is a lot of libs to link and too much files to aisle them Confused But yes: sooner or later, XBMC would be able to run on MacOS X without too much problems, and much more now that it runs under Linux.

Working! - Chai.Sangeen - 2007-06-12

Hello everyone I got xbmc up and running on my ubuntu feisty machine. Under the hood I have, core duo2 with 1gb ram, and nvidia graphics card. Video playback over samba is working fine, picture and slide shows works, also the music is playing perfectly. The only thing im trying to figure out is the visualization, and shoutcast is complaing about libcurl.dll

Thank to all xbmc and xbmc-linux teams for this great work and accomplishment

- ProDoc - 2007-06-12

For someone who is used to Windows, and has had XBMC on the box for 4 years, how do I download and Install XBMC Linux style ?Smile

- mace - 2007-06-12