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RE: Spotify for Kodi - Spiderfish - 2019-02-03


I have LE and I installed the spotify addon but always shows me a message for credentials and login error, I have free account, Shall I need to have a premium account to be able to work?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - k0di2017 - 2019-02-03

yes you need a premium spotify account

RE: Spotify for Kodi - SUPERATRAT08 - 2019-02-05

Hi all!!! Like another user a few months ago, addon tries to connect with default browser, but im using AppleTV 4k, and no browser opens... Can you help me pleaseHuh Thanks!!!

RE: Spotify for Kodi - wacind - 2019-02-06


the front page says that this may not work for Kodi 18 64 bit. Has there been any update on that or is it still not working. Also when i try to install the repo on a fresh install of kodi 18 on windows, it crashes kodi. Debug Logs dont provide any useful information.


Edit: got it working by also installing the 32 bit version and running it. Using the 32 bit version, i installed the repo and the addon. Now it shows up on the 64 bit kodi as well.

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Spiderfish - 2019-02-07

I tired with premium account but still couldn't open the addon in kodi

Ask e for credentials issue! and in logs said there is no credentials.json exist!

Any Idea about this issue?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Ed76 - 2019-02-17

i heard spotify connect is now also available for spotify free users. would this make it possible to use this addon also as a free user?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Nuke - 2019-02-28

RPi 3b+, LibreElec 9.0.1, latest Spotify addon version.
Works perfect but i have an issue - if i start play some song i can not switch to any other. Only Next/Previous button is working. Nothing happens if i choose any track in list.

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Nuke - 2019-03-03


RE: Spotify for Kodi - MhhhxX - 2019-03-08

(2019-02-03, 14:00)eschwarz Wrote: When starting the Spotify addon there comes an error message saying to have a look at the Kodi log. The addon was working perfectly until a recent upgrade of Raspbian.

My Konfiuration:
Raspberyy PI 3B
Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) (kernel: Linux 4.9.35-v7+)
Kodi 17.3 Git:20170525-178906-dirty, Kompiliert May 25 2017
Spotify Version 1.1.58

Abstract from log:=10.5pt12:12:09.448 T:1393554352   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.SyntaxError'>
                                            Error Contents: unexpected EOF while parsing (<string>, line 0)
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.audio.spotify/service.py", line 14, in <module>
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.audio.spotify/resources/lib/main_service.py", line 60, in __init__
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.audio.spotify/resources/lib/main_service.py", line 167, in renew_token
                                                username = self.get_username()
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.audio.spotify/resources/lib/main_service.py", line 134, in get_username
                                                username = self.spotty.get_username()
                                              File "/home/pi/.kodi/addons/plugin.audio.spotify/resources/lib/utils.py", line 522, in get_username
                                                data = eval(data)
                                              File "<string>", line 0
                                            SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing
                                            -->End of Python script error report<--

Advice is appreciated.
 I deleted credentials.json in .kodi/userdata/addon_data/plugin.audio.spotify and rebooted the system.

RE: Spotify for Kodi - effe.rnr - 2019-03-13


I can't authorize the plugin on my shield with latest Kodi 18 stable. The browser (Puffin) opens but says "This page isn't working" Host: accounts.spotify.com ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Am I doing something wrong?


RE: Spotify for Kodi - Holzfred - 2019-04-03

(2018-09-08, 21:05)bakins Wrote:
(2016-03-21, 23:35)marcelveldt Wrote: Supported platforms for local playback
- Windows (32/64 bits) with 32bits Kodi [note: Kodi v18 with 64bits Kodi version not supported due to a python bug]
Can you elaborate on the python bug in Kodi 18 64 bit?  Any chance it's fixed in nightly builds or will ever be fixed?  Any work around?

Good Morning,

I had the same Problem with the 64bit Kodi. The Addon is running, but the Player was not starting. Then I deleted the addon, Change Kodi to 32bit, install the Addon and the Player works and I can listen to my Music. After that I changed back to 64bit and the Addon still working fine. Maybe this helps also for you. 

All the Best


RE: Spotify for Kodi - yoshitslc - 2019-04-09

Hello !

I have a problem with the addon since two weeks. Everytime I start Kodi, I have a notification of error with the add on without even open it. I tried to uninstall it, make a clean install, change login...

Here is what the logs tell me
asubipawup.kodi (paste)

Does someone know how I can fix that ?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - bushida87 - 2019-04-10

Doesnt work with Leia 18.1 and Titan Bingie Skin :-(
There is a Login Bug?
With Arctic Zephyr 2 and a fresh install it works

RE: Spotify for Kodi - yoshitslc - 2019-04-29

Is this addon still supported ?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - robgolbh - 2019-05-06

I wonder how I should do it. The following message appears:

"Please connect to this device with the spotify app on your phone to login or enter your credentialsnin settings dialog."


Raspberry pi 3
Openelec + Kodi 17.3