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RE: Spotify for Kodi - zrock2010 - 2019-08-18

ok got the add in installed and successfully registered my prem spotify account in kodi and i can see all my songs and play lists.. However i cannot get anything to play.. What am i missing

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Divemaskstrap - 2019-08-21

Hi I have installed your plugin. But if I want to listen to a song, I only hear a "pop". The song continues to play, but without sound. Can you help me solve this? Thanks a lot!

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Element_Hg - 2019-08-24

Has Spotify changed their API again? Caus i'm getting this notification altough i haven't touched the settings like ages ago ...
All credentials are entered and valid as usual.


RE: Spotify for Kodi - Element_Hg - 2019-08-24

found the failure - for the past me:
Kodi did throw a Spoitfy related Cherrypy Error in the Log
Quote:2019-08-24 13:09:04.283 T:10112   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>
                                            Error Contents: 'Bus' object has no attribute 'timeout_monitor'
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\plugin.audio.spotify\service.py", line 14, in <module>
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\plugin.audio.spotify\resources\lib\main_service.py", line 54, in __init__
                                                self.proxy_runner = ProxyRunner(self.spotty)
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\plugin.audio.spotify\resources\lib\httpproxy.py", line 218, in __init__
                                                'server.shutdown_timeout': 1
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\_cpconfig.py", line 157, in update
                                                super(Config, self).update(config)
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\lib\reprconf.py", line 130, in update
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\_cpconfig.py", line 167, in _apply
                                                super(Config, self)._apply(config)
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\lib\reprconf.py", line 142, in _apply
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\lib\reprconf.py", line 92, in __call__
                                                handler(k, v)
                                              File "D:\Kodi\v18 Leia\portable_data\addons\script.module.cherrypy\lib\cherrypy\_cpconfig.py", line 270, in _engine_namespace_handler
                                                plugin = getattr(engine, plugin)
                                            AttributeError: 'Bus' object has no attribute 'timeout_monitor'
                                            -->End of Python script error report<--
So i loaded the Default Cherrypy Kodi Module from marcelveldt github and used it. Something must have gone wrong when trying to use on of the latest Skin Helper Service Apps from the Bingie repo.

RE: Spotify for Kodi - Laurentwb - 2019-08-25


I'm trying to use Spotify Connect on Windows 10.
My goal is to use the Spotify interface on a Android tablet and have the music played on a small windows 10 media player.

So far, no success. The Android tablet doesn't see the windows 10 computer.
I confirm that Spotify is running on both devices logged on the same Spotify Family account (my understanding is that this is considered as a premium account).
It is related to Kodi and/or the Spotify extension running in Kodi.

Would anyone be able to help with this issue ?
Thank you in advance.

Edit : It is apparently something wrong when installing on Kodi Leia 64bit.
I had Kodi Leia 64bit originally installed and decided to install Kodi Leia 32bit on top of it. The Spotify addon work immediately without any additional change. I than reinstalled Kodi Leia 64bit. The spotify addon continued to work.
All this was suggested by an earlier thread and because Marcel stated originally that the spotify addon does not work with Kodi 64bit because of a python bug.

All this leaves me with the question of what is the benefit of installing Kodi 64bit. Does anyone know ?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - hengeman - 2019-08-30

Hi Everyone

I have a Rpi 3 with a Raspbian Jessie and Kodi install
after several attemps, i managed install and "work" this wonderfull plugin

But, when i select opction, all of them is in blank, and in the log file i see this warning message

xbmcgui.ListItem object has no attribute setContentLookup

I have searched a lot on google and forums, but I can't find an answer to the error that is being presented to me

RE: Spotify for Kodi - tvsht - 2019-09-28

(2019-08-04, 15:15)jakermx Wrote:
(2019-08-02, 16:21)effe.rnr Wrote: @jakermx 

should this work on android devices/nvidia shield too?

When I try to start your mod, I am prompted to login and a browser opens but I can't input any credentials

I should work, because my mod did not modify nothing about it, I just changed the server selection process. bu if yo share your log file... I could find the issue and possibly a workaround  or solution. 

I will help others as well. 
Coould you please update it to newer version of cherrypy? Because otherwise as per #1,624 you'll have to manually downgrade possibly breaking other stuff

RE: Spotify for Kodi - oytschi - 2019-10-10

Is there a way to navigate directly to my playlist from a homescreen button. I tried to link the button actions as followed but there is no reaction.


When linking the menu button with

it starts the Addon and I have to click all the way through the menu to get to my playlist.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or hints Smile

RE: Spotify for Kodi - powermarcel10 - 2019-10-13

Hi guys,

Is it true that Spotify is still not working on Windows 64 bit pc's?

I'm trying to use the latest version of this addon but I'm getting errors.. The same as in post #1623

RE: Spotify for Kodi - widardd - 2019-10-18

(2019-10-13, 19:49)powermarcel10 Wrote: Hi guys,

Is it true that Spotify is still not working on Windows 64 bit pc's?

I'm trying to use the latest version of this addon but I'm getting errors.. The same as in post #1623

Same here.

RE: Spotify for Kodi - xpwmaster - 2019-10-19

does anyone is able to play this addo  on android kodi , i add it to my glaxy tab kodi , its showing the songs lists and everyting , but when i click to play the song , nothing happand ,

RE: Spotify for Kodi - cube79 - 2019-10-24


I’m testing the Spotify addon on the latest kodi (based on CoreElec) and control it with Yatse. Everything is working fine, only if I try to play the full album, the track order is wrong, despite the sorting in Yatse itself. I've asked about this problem at the Yatse community, and Tolriq has responded with the following information:
Quote:Ok so Yatse does not handle the order and directly told Kodi to play the folder.
2019-10-23 22:45:03.466 Verbose/KodiLeia: --> [141] [{“id”:355,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“Playlist.Clear”,“params”:{“playlistid”:0}},{“id”:164,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“Playlist.Add”,“params”:{“playlistid”:0,“item”:{“directory”:“plugin://plugin.audio.spotify/?action=browse_album&albumid=7oK3wd46nDbVPqfIG5MEWi”,“recursive”:true}}},{“id”:531,“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“Player.Open”,“params”:{“item”:{“playlistid”:0,“position”:0}}}]
Quote:Should probably be fixed on Addon side, with that JSON command author should be able to reproduce and fix.
Is it possible to fix it?

RE: Spotify for Kodi - xpwmaster - 2019-11-02

does spoity addon working on android tv kodi ?  songs wont play for some how

RE: Spotify for Kodi - BTopbas - 2019-11-18

(2019-11-02, 16:00)xpwmaster Wrote: does spoity addon working on android tv kodi ?  songs wont play for some how

On android only spotify connect works. No sound. I buyed philips android tv 2019 and installed kodi. I wish addon works as other systems. Normally i hate android. I used libreelec coreelec boxes but android tv's not weak anymore. I use kodi like as operation system. I want to all things inside in kodi..

RE: Spotify for Kodi - ray2301 - 2019-11-26

(2019-10-13, 19:49)powermarcel10 Wrote: Hi guys,

Is it true that Spotify is still not working on Windows 64 bit pc's?

I'm trying to use the latest version of this addon but I'm getting errors.. The same as in post #1623

it's working for me on windows 10 x64. i'm always using the latest nightly of leia. still works.
i do have some problems. "spotty.exe" tends not to close after i close kodi and that can cause problems when opening kodi again. check your task manager and kill all "spotty.exe" processes before you open kodi again.
i've programmed a button on my remote to force close all instances of spotty.exe when i close my kodi.

p.s. spotify connect never worked for me properly, songs would cut before the ending because when i play something on my phone, the song starts on kodi a little later than on my phone so when it ends on the phone and the next songs starts, kodi would cut the previously playing song and start playing the next one with delay so the next one cuts again before the ending and so on. but playing directly from kodi - everything works fine for me.

if you just want to stream audio from your android phones, you could just use airaudio if you're rooted. when using airplay (and you can set that up in kodi settings), you'll get all the info on kodi (artist, track) from any app including spotify.