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Music addons missing/unavailable - soocki - 2016-03-30

Can't access music addons through the home menu in the amber skin. These are available in Confluence skin, however in the amber skin the 'addon's' submenu in the 'music' section simply doesn't exist (ok it kinda does, but not for very long, see the HINT below), for most of the time just the 'files' section is present. Can't access them through the 'addons' menu either, it's like they don't exist, but they surely do, I can add them to favorites and access them through it but it's not the point. I was looking at the normal log and the only hint relating to "music" is the line:
Quote:WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol(sources) in sources://music.tbn
I would imagine it is related to the problem. The debugged file is quite large and I don't know what I'm looking for/at so I haven't looked into it much.

HINT: If I access the 'music' section really quick, right after the kodi launch the addons are there! Never realized that until now. They dissapear really quick though, I was able to access them for a second but when I went back they dissapeared on me again.

The log file (debugging disabled) kodi.log [no debug]
The log file (debugging enabled) kodi.log [debugged]

Help appreciated, thanks in advance. Nod

Ps. Kodi 16.0 Arch Linux (4.1.20-3)

RE: Music addons missing/unavailable - joethepartylion - 2016-03-30

(2016-03-30, 09:48)soocki Wrote: Can't access music addons through the home menu in the amber skin.

Hi, hopefully this is fixed through a combination of this:


and this:



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