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xbmcscripts.com is down, are all of the scripts available anywhere else? - Rudepooch - 2007-06-03

I understand that there is an issue with http://www.xbmcscripts.com/. Is there somewhere else that the scripts can be found? I have looked extensively and found a few here and there but so far not the ones I am looking for. It might be a giid idea to have them all in another location for just such contingencies- like the #***** server or somthing.

oops... - Rudepooch - 2007-06-03

Didn't realize that was a taboo term. Substitute 'one of the usual places'. Thanks.

- RickH - 2007-06-08

Anyone heard any news on when the xbmcscripts.com website will be fixed?

- blittan - 2007-06-08

we are working to solve the issues.. please be patient.

we now have the site working, only some issues with the installer not installing.

- Rudepooch - 2007-06-09

Sorry to hear you guys are having issues with the site.

I went to the site just now and it does not appear to be working. The main page loads with center panel blank, and the scripts link loads a completely blank page (view source shows a completely empty page).

Not being impatient, just wanted to let you know. Tried it on firefox and ie.

- EnderW - 2007-06-09

Well, it was working. This is starting to look like a joke. Oh well, at least I think I know what the issue is this time.

- Rudepooch - 2007-06-09

I know that it is probably alot to ask, but is there any chance of the scripts being uploaded to one of the 'usual places' in the mean time?

By the way, I'd like to thank whoever is involved with xbmcscripts.com for thier great service and vigilant efforts. I'm sorry that you are having problems with the site, it must be quite frustrating.

Again, thank-you.

- EnderW - 2007-06-10

I don't think there will be a mirror of the site, but something will have to change as things aren't optimal as it is. I will discuss it with blittan and see what happens.

Site's up again now, but due to a bug I can't fix right now it will likely go down soon enough. Should be fixed permanently tomorrow tho. Thanks for your patience and kind words.

- thor918 - 2007-06-11

I'm having trouble getting this script for a long time. have the issues been there long?

1. it would be good to have version number printed in gui.
2. http://www.xbmcscripts.com/scriptservice/
says 1.7, but in code it says 1.4...
3. the newest version that is on the xbmcscripts, will always show the mandatory update, nothing else...

- blittan - 2007-06-11

1: This will be added in next release Wink *thx for the idea*
2: See number 3..
3: It probably got overwritten when restoring a backup. Fixed now.

- thor918 - 2007-06-11

thanks Wink it works good now

- Temhil - 2008-09-11


Is it only for me? I am not able to access to xbmcscripts :-(

- coupeborgward - 2008-09-11

na for me as well since the last two days

- blittan - 2008-09-11

seems the server is down, told EnderW to contact the serveradmins.. so hopefully it will be up again soon.

- borick - 2008-09-11

while on the subject of xbmcscripts.com, what is the proper protocol to update a script listed on there? is it possible to update a script being listed, without having to make a new listing? is there a guide or information anywhere on how to do this? just wondering, thanks