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Project: Pandora (Skin Concept Idea) - MikeBeecham - 2007-06-10

I was thinking about starting this as a first skin...not sure how it would turn out, but I wondered whether this minimal style would be something you guys would use?

Please feel free to make any comments...


- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-10

hmmm...last link did not work...this should...


- NineT9mustang - 2007-06-10

If your skin was a chick, it'd be Evangeline Lilly

- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-10

me likey!!!...and why not indeed!

- HarshReality - 2007-06-11

Well, mike clearly has a knack for the graphics... now who could do the code?

- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-11

thanks mate...it's getting late here, but I wondered whether this would make a good 'music' screen? You know, you've just chosen an album and this is what you would see...


- Livin - 2007-06-11


- lclagett - 2007-06-11

Wow that second shot looked amazing. Definitely some really cool looking mock-ups. I certainly wouldn't mind helping with this skin if more help is needed.

- 8BitBrad - 2007-06-11

that would be a very nice looking skin.

- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-11

lclagett Wrote:Wow that second shot looked amazing. Definitely some really cool looking mock-ups. I certainly wouldn't mind helping with this skin if more help is needed.

Well as I am a photoshop guy, and nothing more...I am going to be needing lots of wisdom from people!....never skinned before

- MacGyver - 2007-06-11

Hey mike, wed and thurs I should have like 8 hours each of those days to sit and do nothing but code, if you send me the artwork you used to make your mockup, I can code the home, video, music and picture screens for your skin.
They will need to be pngs and properly transparent, and big enough to have enough detail in 720p (to recreate your mockup it will have to be at 16x9).
You can email me or post them somewhere, and I'll grab them. Also let me know what font you want used if you want me to code them for you.
As well as being transparent, you should include a dim version of each of your icons, and try to keep the artwork in component parts, for instance, at the bottom of your mockup, that should be 6 separate files (left fade bar, a dim info button, a bright info button, a dim power button, a bright power button, and the right fade bar). And for the center of your mockup, the bright icon should have the white border you have around it, and the dim should not, because the reflection wouldn't be right if the white border was added separately. To give you an idea of how the graphics should be stored, I count 18 different graphic elements on your home mockup, and 7 different graphics on the music one (the background, the xbox media center fading element, the music icon, the red up arrow, the down red arrow, the white line under the music header, the red fading select box)

If you want my help let me know, but hopefully I at least gave you an idea of how the graphic elements need to be split.

- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-11

Mac....this sounds great...do you have any sort of messenger that I can contact you with...if so please PM me your details!

I would be more than happy to meet with you on this mate

- szsori - 2007-06-11

Mockups look incredible. I've been using mc360 for months now and this skin might actually make me change over. Smile

- MikeBeecham - 2007-06-11

wow...thanks for that sz

- HarshReality - 2007-06-11

Mac... sizes and transparencies.... all I thought you needed was Duct Tape and that ol'Swiss Army Knife Smile

Looking forward to seeing what comes of this colaberation.