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ARTWORK FOR COLLECTIONS - ziggy231 - 2016-04-29

Hi, I am in the process of sorting my artwork and was wondering about collections, I know KODI automatically puts films in collection folders

If I arrange all my films into Collection Folders, IE Harry Potter 8 Disc Collection, and add the Fanart.jpg, Icon.png and the poster.jpg, will this be enough for KODI to recognize my artwork for my movies library or is there something else I need to do ?


RE: ARTWORK FOR COLLECTIONS - bry - 2016-04-29


RE: ARTWORK FOR COLLECTIONS - Mike_Doc - 2016-04-29

You'll probably need to use this Movie Set Artwork Automator

RE: ARTWORK FOR COLLECTIONS - ziggy231 - 2016-04-30

Thanks Mike_doc worked a treat

I was also getting problems with my artwork being too small but remember that most of the artwork can be found on fanart.tv

thanks again



Should mention the road map spells out some nice extras for sets http://trac.kodi.tv/roadmap

Scraping Movie Sets from TheMovieDB.org (TMDB) so no need to generate NFO's manually
Scrape Movie Sets Posters to Video Library Database + Export / Import Set Thumbnails
NFO file support for Movie Sets Collection - Having one NFO file for each Movie Set
Add support for TV Show Sets collections similar to the ​Movie Sets feature
Add "Watched" flag for Movie Sets Thumbnail if all movies in movie set it watched

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