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PseudoCinema Poster - Lunatixz - 2016-05-13

watch gallery

What is it?
  • PseudoCinema Poster creates a virtual movie poster for your home theater. Turn any TV/Monitor into a dynamic cinema poster, similar in function to
  • but with one main advantage, it's designed to run on any device capable of running Kodi (ie. inexpensive Raspberry Pi). If you plan on building a windows based Cinema Poster I highly recommend you use meyer64's
  • software.

  • Fully customizable skin
  • Random Posters from Kodis DB
  • Current Playing Poster
  • Autostart Service

Upcoming Features:
  • Poster Filters (Genre, Rating)
  • Animated Posters
  • Trailers (Kodi DB,Coming Soon, In theaters)
  • Event triggers
  • Custom Marquee
  • Trakt, IMDB, Sickbeard, Sonarr, Couchpotato and Rotten Tomatoes integration
  • Next Aired plugin display
  • PseudoTV Live "OnNow" display
  • Sports/Live event display
  • Kodi PVR event display
  • Touch screen support
  • Transition effects, Rotation control


RE: PseudoCinema Poster - Lunatixz - 2016-05-13


RE: PseudoCinema Poster - bry - 2016-05-13

sports metadata from http://www.thesportsdb.com/ ?

I think you have inspired me to put my nexus7 to use.

RE: PseudoCinema Poster - CygnusHyoga - 2018-05-05

The repo is down, 404 not found. It's still working with kodi 18?

RE: PseudoCinema Poster - quebert - 2019-10-30

Is this dead? if it works with Kodi 18 a working link would be awesome sauce.

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