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Script request: Librivox Streaming - free audiobooks - TheBoxMan - 2007-07-28

Hey all,

I'm putting a script request for a python script that can stream from:


I suspect it'll only need editing of existing scripts but I'm woefully bad at programming so can't do it myself Undecided

What this would achieve for the community is access to a HUGE and growing selection of audiobooks covering books not protected by copyright law. All material on the website is in the public domain.

The website is an excellent resource.

Also I've found that pointing windows media player at the URL of the download link it streams rather than downloads. So the script should be easily possible.

Of course we could always set up our own server to hold the files if the livrivox site proves difficult to code with (we are allowed to by the fact that all the files are public domain!)

- TheBoxMan - 2007-07-28

Sorry the URL was:


- SyPhy - 2007-07-29

audiobooks r gay... porn please

- TheBoxMan - 2007-07-29

Audiobooks are AWESOME. You really should give them a try ;-)

My Xbox has loads of them on it. What else do you listen to as you go to sleep?

- szsori - 2007-07-30

TheBoxMan Wrote:What else do you listen to as you go to sleep?
SyPhy Wrote:... gay... porn please
Self explanitory? Wink

- TheBoxMan - 2007-07-30

LOL Wink

Any pythoneers know how to go about this?

- SyPhy - 2007-07-31

szsori Wrote:Self explanitory? Wink

LMAO... nice

- TheBoxMan - 2007-08-07


Another one is podiobooks.com btw Wink

I'm sure the RSS on that means that I can probably use any old RSS script for it. Though Librivox I'm less sure about (and it seems like it's got a bigger library)